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Natural Non-surgical Ways to Treat Varicocele at Home Naturally



Natural non-surgical ways to treat varicocele at home naturally

Given the strenuous and unhealthy lifestyle there are a number of diseases which a person gets and then keeps on growing slowly and steadily and if not given proper attention at the correct time can lead to a surgery. One such disease is Varicocele. This disease occurs in men primarily because of the unhealthy lifestyle.  This disease leads to infertility in men which needs to be tackled at the nascent stage since the hopes of many families wanting to have children are not destroyed.

For this, let us first understand what this disease this, how is it caused and how can we deal with it.  Varicocele is not something which you have developed overnight, it is something which has occurred over time particularly due to lifestyle. Varicocele affects the blood flow in your scrotum, which can interfere with the blood flow in your sperm which is in the sperm sac of the testicles. The scrotum sac contains blood vessels and veins called pampiniform plexus which delivers blood to the reproductive glands. If there is not enough blood supply, then your sperm can be slow swimmers or will not swim at all which is needed to reach the ovum or the egg which will then fertilize into a baby.

Now that we know what really is this disease, we can understand what are its causes. Generally, it can happen when a boy hits puberty. The toxicity in the blood increases due to bad diet, environmental stresses and even lack of exercise. All this are the major causes for accumulating toxins in your body cell’s that affect the blood which in turn causes an imbalance in the pH level. This imbalance gives rise to the formation of free radicals that accumulate around those valves of the scrotal sac which transfers the blood to the heart. This condition can become severe only if the blood supply stops going to the scrotum because of the increased toxicity. In such a case, a surgery might be required.

However, there are methods to cure Varicocele treatment without surgery in a non-surgical way at home naturally. Surgery is not the answer to every disease because there is 35% of the time that it can recur even after a surgery. Therefore, a permanent solution is required. It can be treated at home naturally by the following ways:

  • Firstly, there is a grave need to improve your diet and your lifestyle. Because any medicine will work till the time you are taking them but you can only totally cure by eating the right food and exercising regularly.
  • Secondly, there is a combination of three medicines which need to be taken. One is Acidim which helps in maintaining the pH balance because of which the valves become strong and thereby helps proper to and fro supply of blood in the scrotum sac. Second is Activiz, which helps the region to get rid of the toxins and third is Oronerv which ensures that the blood is flowing smoothly.

These ways if followed regularly which definitely cure varicocele naturally. But consistency plays the key role in curing any disease or overcoming any problem. So be consistent and stay healthy.

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