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Do you have to be Tall to be The Best?



Tall people seem to have the best of everything; they never get the tall person sat in front of them at the cinema, they don’t have to turn the bottoms of their trousers up, etc. Well this article could explain why small people face such a disadvantage.

Have you ever wished to be tall? Have you ever wondered why, when surrounded by a family that are all around six feet and over, you are only 5 foot 2″? You’ve probably always said you got the short gene, well you could be right.

Studies of over 12,000 people have shown that if you are missing genetic information, it could make you smaller. You’ve probably always thought your height had been passed down through your family and that a tiny aunt has cursed you for life; this is true, to some extent, as your height does have something to do with the genes that were passed to you, but it is also to do with those genes that never made their way into your DNA.

Research has shown that missing sections of DNA could be the difference between being five foot or six. If a cell has either extra or is missing a part of DNA, it means that there have been changes within the chromosome. These changes are known as copy number variants. Some of these are common. However, others are rare and do not often appear in humans. It has been discovered that more of the uncommon copy number variants appear in shorter people.

To make the situation a little duller for shorter people, it has also been found that tall people are generally happier than those who are small. Research has shown that people of both genders who are above average height – 5’10” for men and 5’4″ for women – are said to be happier than those who are under the average height. In a study, males who describe their lives negatively are usually around an inch shorter than average, and women who depressingly label their lives are around half an inch shorter than average.

It has been said that tall people are happier because they tend to be educated to a higher level and are therefore more successful, with highly paid careers. Many people have agreed with the findings of these studies, stating that tall people demand attention from the moment they walk into a room – of course, they do, they’re giants – however, don’t despair as there are many successful small people out there – look at the likes of Danny DeVito. At a staggering 4’9,” he is one of the most successful and long-running actors to date. Edward Carl Gaedel was the world’s smallest professional baseball player in the 1950s standing at 3’7″, and Wee Man Jackass’ Mini-Me is a smidge over four feet and is capable of all manner of wacky stunts, just like the 6’1″ Johnny Knoxville.