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DIY Home Skin-Care Gadgets



Despite the recession, the business of anti-aging gadgets is booming. It’s not just happening in beauty salons on the high-street, either. An increasing trend is the rise in home-treatment. It’s no longer uncommon for women to whip out the hand-held laser and zap their wrinkles in their bathroom.

One worry is that they may be so low in intensity that the treatment’s effectiveness is negligible, but that doesn’t mean they’re entirely safe. Despite questions over their use, these gadgets may still cause harm if misused.

Here, three of the latest home-gadgets are put through their paces.

The Philips ReAura Home Laser

Designed as a smaller version of the lasers used in salons, this gadget claims to eliminate wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen in your skin.

The science is sound and, although the laser isn’t as strong as a larger salon version, results could prove successful over time. Your skin will be more sensitive after use, so you should avoid using it while on drugs such as antibiotics and use a higher factor sunscreen than average.

The CACI Microlift

Resembling a knobbly phone, the Microlift uses small electric currents to tone your facial muscles and provide the effects of a face-lift without the surgery.

The real problem with this piece of equipment is that it’s tough to know if you’re placing it in the right areas. Professional therapists take five-day courses to master this procedure, and without that training, you may just be wasting your time.

You’re unlikely to damage your muscles, no matter where you place it (within reason), but you should avoid using it if you’ve had Botox within the last three months.

Slendertone Face

If you’re worried about the firmness of your face, then this space-age headset could be just for you, using electronic muscle stimulation to give your muscles a continuous workout.

A similar problem to the Microlift; it’s just too difficult to know whether you’re stimulating the right muscles. You need to be confident you’re not given yourself a more pronounced frown.

Anyone who’s messed around with an electric abs stimulator will know that placing them on your face causes excessive and annoying twitches. The slender one look is precisely the same, and you may not make it to the end of the two weeks needed to see results.