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Understanding Sonablate HIFU Treatment



One of the most common cancers to affect men in the United States is prostate cancer. In the last year alone, more than 240,000 men were diagnosed with cancer, and the majority of those men are over the age of 65, according to With the illness being so prominent, it becomes a firsthand concern to find a treatment that will successfully eliminate the disease in men.

One of the newest treatments for the cancer is called HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound, and the CMUA HIFU Center offers a specialty option called Sonablate HIFU. Just what is this treatment? How can it help to treat prostate cancer? Who qualifies to undergo the treatment? These are all perfect questions.

What is HIFU?

There are different types of treatment, but the Sonablate HIFU that is offered through the CMUA HIFU Center is a focused method of treating the cancer while causing the least amount of physical harm possible. Through this treatment, the tumor is explicitly targeted. In some cases, the whole prostate must be targeted depending on the growth of the cancerous cells.

When the proper area is targeted, then ultrasound is used. With ultrasound waves heat the targeted area, the temperature will be raised drastically in a short amount of time. The result from this will be destroyed cancer tissue without harming the tissue surrounding the area. This is a procedure that is classified as minimally invasive, and it has a much shorter recovery time.

The HIFU Treatments

There are different ways that the CMUA HIFU Center can provide cancer treatment to patients, and the proper procedure for each patient will need to be determined on several factors. Some of the processes that can be used with HIFU to provide elimination of prostate cancer include the following:

  • Standard Sonablate HIFU

When the disease is contained within the prostate but has taken over the organ, then this treatment heats the whole prostate for the destruction of a tumor.

  • Focal HIFU

Another treatment option is called focal. This is used when only a tumor has formed that has not yet spread. This allows the treatment to pinpoint the tumor and nothing else.

  • Salvage HIFU

Used when the problem is recurrent prostate cancer to destroy the tumor while salvaging as much of the surrounding tissue as possible.

The Advantages of Sonablate HIFU

The CMUA HIFU Center offers this procedure because it provides numerous advantages over previously used prostate cancer treatments. Anyone who is facing treatment choices will want to know what those advantages are to determine if this is the right treatment for them. Here are some of the benefits of choosing this procedure.



    which means a shorter recovery time.

  • Zero use of radiation so the patient will not face side effects from radiation treatments.
  • A vast majority of patients keep their continence and erectile function, which is often lost in other types of cancer treatments.
  • This procedure can be used more than once without physical harm should the cancer return.
  • Other treatments can be used in the future without issue.

HIFU is such a successful treatment for prostate cancer that thousands of men have already chosen it. The CMUA HIFU Center makes it easy for patients to select HIFU Sonablate for their treatment. With this option, men will be able to get their cancer treated in a day, and they will not have to go through physically stressful radiation or chemotherapy treatments. With a high success rate and fewer side effects, this is the prostate cancer treatment that more and more men will choose.