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Five Reasons Women Should Visit the Gynecologist Each Year



Five reasons women should visit the gynecologist each year

Most women visit their family or regular physician at least once a year. A woman may visit her regular physician for a yearly physical or to get treatment for a sinus infection, stomach ailment or other illness. It’s just as important for a woman to visit her gynecologist once a year. This visit plays a critical part in a woman’s reproductive health. Consider five reasons why women should visit their gynecologist each year.

Access to Regular Cancer Screenings

Visiting the gynecologist once a year gives a woman the opportunity to receive screenings for ovarian, cervical and other cancers of the reproductive system. Some of these cancers have very few to no symptoms. So, getting screened at the gynecologist once a year may be the only way a woman becomes aware of a problem. More importantly, her gynecologist can set her on the road to getting treatment if necessary. A gynecologist like Max Izbicki makes sure that his patients have access to the cancer screenings appropriate for them.

Treatment for Common Conditions

A woman who visits a gynecologist once a year has someone to look to if a particular condition pops up. For instance, a woman who gets a yeast infection can call her gynecologist and get an appointment in order to get treatment for this condition. Because she visits her gynecologist every year, the doctor knows her and knows what sorts of treatments work for her. In fact, if she gets yeast infections on a regular basis, she may be able to call into the office to receive a prescription because the doctor is aware of her situation.

Receiving Education

A yearly visit to the gynecologist gives a woman the chance to garner education about her body and reproductive system. For instance, if she wants to ask about birth control her gynecologist can explain the different options to her. He or she can advise her on which type of birth control may suit her lifestyle. In addition, a gynecologist can give a woman information about breast health and reproductive health in general. Plus, if any questions occur to the woman after she leaves, she can call the office or send an email to her gynecologist and receive a knowledgeable answer within a short period of time. Dr. Max Izbicki is an example of a gynecologist who is dedicated to helping women learn more about how to maintain their reproductive health.

Establish a Relationship with a Doctor

One of the best reasons to see a gynecologist on a yearly basis is to build a relationship with him or her. A woman is able to speak to her gynecologist freely knowing that the professional is familiar with her medical history. In addition, having a long-term relationship with a gynecologist means a woman can be more at ease when she is in the office. Getting a pelvic exam and a pap smear can be uncomfortable for many women. This exam and other types of exams are a little easier and less stressful when a woman knows and is comfortable with the gynecologist.

Receive Information on New Drugs for Various Conditions

Some women deal with chronic conditions related to the reproductive system. For instance, some women get frequent yeast infections while others deal with other more painful conditions. A gynecologist can be on the lookout for new drugs that may help to control or alleviate a chronic condition. He or she can discuss a new drug with a patient to figure out whether it would be worth a try. In other words, a woman’s regular gynecologist can be a partner in his or her patient’s health.

Finally, these are just five reasons why a woman should visit her gynecologist at least once a year. One of the most effective ways to find a gynecologist is to ask friends for a recommendation. Or, a woman can go online to read about gynecologists in her area. Many patients post reviews of their doctors. Calling or emailing a gynecologist’s office to ask questions about a particular doctor is also a good idea. A woman should be comfortable with whomever she chooses.