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Teaching Your Children How To Stay Healthy



Teaching your children how to stay healthy

You work hard to achieve your health goals, and it’s likely you want the same for your children. They need to learn about living a healthy lifestyle in order to do so. Be their teacher, so you know they’re getting the right information and practicing healthy habits. Answer their questions and guide them through the process.

Start with a few important categories and dive deep into particular subjects. Show them exactly what you mean by demonstrating through example. Remember that they may forget or require extra reminders along the way, depending on their age. Learn about teaching your children how to stay healthy.


Hot dogs and pizza are fun to indulge in once in a while, but remind your kids that it’s a treat. Teach them about delicious and organic fruits and vegetables. Introduce them to protein, smoothies and leafy greens. Remind them that the food they eat affects how they feel and their physical appearance. Ask your children which foods they enjoy eating and start cooking with them to explore new flavors and dishes.

Foreign Objects

Kids will be kids, and this means they’re going to put items in their mouth, nose and ears that don’t belong. To prepare yourself, read this article and see for yourself how it happens and what to do about it. Remind your kids that foreign objects don’t belong in or around their body. Children are more at risk for unwanted objects entering the ears. Be extra careful when you’re watching them, or they’re playing with small toys. If you suspect a foreign object is lodged in the ear of your child, the first step is to perform a visual inspection.


Take walks with your kids and attend a yoga class together. It’s a great way to bond and burn off some calories. Show your kids that exercising is healthy and makes you feel happy. Play in the playground or run around the beach. Engage in movement together and let yourself enjoy the fun and laughter that comes with it. Be mindful how much television and video games they’re playing and make sure they get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Engage in activities together and discuss the benefits of exercise with them while you have their attention.

Washing Hands

Tell your children how important it is to always wash their hands. Show them how to use the hot water and soap for best results. Go to the bathroom with them if they need help and demonstrate the process of cleaning your hands. Explain how germs spread easily and this prevents that from happening. Remind them of all the places they’ve gone and what they’ve touched along the way on any given day.


Your kids don’t always know what’s best for them. Help and show them what they need to know about staying well. It’s up to you to guide them and introduce them to positive habits. Now you’ve learned about teaching your children how to stay healthy.