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Seek And Find The Right Treatment Options



Seek and find the right treatment options

As the old saying goes, “Seek and you will find.” If you’re searching for the right treatment options for drug and alcohol abuse, one of the best places to start is on a journal about drug and alcohol abuse. In some ways, simply reading about recovery is a type of treatment for addiction and alcoholism. The fact is that any tiny bit of inspiration that keeps you sober for another day is a small portion of your recovery, even if it’s just watching a sunset instead of having a beer. More formal types of treatment options are a little more in-depth than that.

Types of treatment

If you’re struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism and want to get well, you have a myriad of treatment options of to choose from. Everyone will find something to appreciate about each option, but not every option will be successful for everyone. In the end, a combination of treatment options often strikes the right note to end active addiction.

Outpatient therapy

While this approach alone is unlikely to result in long-term cessation, seeing a counselor can be a healthy way to begin your search for treatment and to continue your recovery after more long-term treatment options. It’s often outpatient therapy that allows people to discuss their addiction and learn that they need more formal care for the disease.

Inpatient detoxes

An inpatient detox is often the first stop for those who want to break away from addiction. Detoxes vary widely. Some detoxes are short-term medical detoxes that are only the first stop on a long journey to wellness. You might stay there for 3-30 days and stop using drugs during that time, only to discover that you need more intense treatment. Many addicts and alcoholics find that 3-30 days is not long enough to recover from addiction and ask to be referred to other treatment centers that offer long-term care.

Inpatient residential programs

These are an extremely popular treatment option for drug abuse and alcoholism because they offer a way to stay sober and get intense treatment over a long period of time. Some of these programs last years and allow the addict or alcoholic to live in an apartment-type/home atmosphere while slowly working through the phases of the program, such as when residents receive more privileges and are able to return to work while still living in the treatment center. Residential treatment centers are often necessary for addicts and alcoholics who are very lean on resources outside of the residential home and offer a way to stay off the streets while rebuilding a life severely damaged by drugs or alcohol.

Intense outpatient programs

Some people prefer to have their own residence and monitor their own life rather than go into a residential treatment center. It’s still possible to get very intensive therapy, though. These programs may drug test individuals who want to have a higher degree of accountability than those just in therapy. They offer frequent and even required group meetings and hold clients to a higher standard than those who just come to an hour long therapy session and then leave. By participating in these programs, addicts and alcoholics give themselves a higher degree of accountability and push themselves through more rigorous recovery programs in order to stay clean. Many enjoy making friends in the group meetings as well and this social element makes the bond with recovery all that much more important.

A lifetime of learning

No matter what type of treatment you choose for drug and alcohol abuse, you’re going to be instantly aware that recovery is usually a lifetime privilege. During recovery, you will meet great people, learn more about yourself, and even help others recover from the horrors of drug addiction and alcoholism. Recovery can begin or end when you want it to but for most people, they choose to work a program of recovery, of some kind, for the rest of their lives. And this doesn’t have to be a scary or forced thing. People who choose to view life as a daily recovery often find that it works best for them this way and also naturally.

If you struggle with drug addiction or alcoholism, one of these treatment options will definitely help you get started on the road to recovery. It’s a long road but along the journey you will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.