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Cosmetic Surgery Trends For 2017



Cosmetic surgery trends for 2017

As medical technology develops, the options for cosmetic surgery are rapidly increasing. This has opened up a wide array of new treatments and made procedures quicker and more effective.

The number of people receiving plastic surgery has been increasing in the past few years because there is a much wider appeal. People of all ages and genders are considering cosmetic surgery, influenced by the increasingly image-conscious society we are living in. These are some of the most popular cosmetic surgery trends in 2017.

Fat Transfer

A fat transfer involves removing fat from one area of your body, such as the thighs or stomach where it is not desired, and transferring it to your target area.

Many people use this treatment to enhance their boobs or bum, while simultaneously improving the appearance of “problem” areas. Having a fat transfer in London can enable you transform your appearance within a few hours, using a method which aims for natural and subtle results.

Lip Reductions

In the past, popular cosmetic surgery procedures have focussed on enhancing or expanding lips. The latest trend is lip reductions, which reduces the overall size of the lips.

This trend was popular in the past and has recently re-emerged, becoming extremely popular across Asia. It has also become common for people to have fillers which smooth out their lips, rather than plump them.


Dimples are a naturally occurring facial feature which enhances your smile. Those who have always been jealous of their dimpled siblings or friends can now opt to have surgical dimples created. The procedure involves a simple incision, which is made without leaving a scar.

Bigger Breast Implants

Breast implants have been a staple of cosmetic surgery for years. However, their popularity has been decreasing in recent years due to the fashion industry focussing on women with smaller or more athletic bodies.

The trend-setting model and member of the Kardashian family, Kylie Jenner is rumoured to have had breast implants recently. Her influence on fashion and cosmetic surgery is huge, she was one of the reasons lip fillers became so popular in 2016, so while the trend might not last it is likely to make a comeback.

Facial Peels

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments, like facial peels, are also on the rise. Facial peels are designed to enhance the appearance of the skin by removing dead cells through intense exfoliation. There are a number of different cosmetic facial peels available, which cater to a variety of different skin complaints.

People with aging skin can opt for a peel which makes skin softer and smoother, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Some people choose to have a chemical facial peel to clear up acne, which can significantly impact someone’s self-esteem. These peels aim to even skin tone and fade red marks.

The intensity of the peel determines whether it is only the surface layer of skin that is improved, or whether the treatment targets the deeper layers of the skin for a one-off treatment.