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The Worst Foods for Your Teeth



The worst foods for your teeth

You need to care for your teeth – they’re incredibly important and vital to your daily life. We use them every day, chewing foods and flashing those impeccable smiles. If we damage our teeth, whether it’s due to plaque build-up, yellowing or tooth loss, it can make a person self-conscious amongst other things.

Daily brushing and cleaning of your teeth should be implemented. It removes plaque and reduces the risk of tooth decay, bad breath, fillings, crowns or inlays. Reversing the damage can become costly; yet, if you do need a check-up, filling, or a good cleaning, a Beaverton dentist from, or equivalent, can help reverse the effects of poor dental hygiene.

However, you can brush your teeth appropriately and still cause large amounts of damage to them because of your diet. Sugar is not only fattening, but it can also rot your teeth. To limit the damage, limit your intake. These are the worst foods for you to consume.

Citrus Fruit

Overall, fruit is good for you, and the fructose found in them isn’t all that harmful. However, citrus fruit is incredibly acidic, and over time, can erode your enamel. Grapefruit and lemon are the worst offenders, with orange juice causing the least damage because it’s less acidic.

Chewy Candy

Usually, the stickier the candy, the worse it tends to be (however, hard candy is also bad for you). Chewy candies, like taffy and toffee, stick to your teeth for lengthy amounts of time, and can get stuck within the gaps of your teeth. This allows the sugar and bacteria in your mouths to fester, turning the sugar acidic.


We talk about the effects of alcohol, yet not many people discuss how it can damage your teeth. If hangovers and the possibility of addiction weren’t enough, wine is also acidic and can stain your pearly whites. While many people complain about red wine staining their lips or teeth, white wine will allow other foods and drink to stain your teeth too.


Sugar-free drinks, candy, even yogurt, are just as bad as sugar-fuelled produce. This is because the sugar is replaced with additives that are just as acidic or artificial. However, because sugar-free is just as bad for you, it does not mean you should pick up the sugary alternative instead. Cut out soda and sports drinks altogether.


Ice may only be frozen water; yet, it isn’t harmless. Many people like to crunch on their ice cubes, however, this “calorie free” alternative puts stress on your teeth. It’s better if people simply stick to drinking water!


The office drink staple can be incredibly harmful. Not only does coffee stain your teeth (think about the inside of your coffee cup), but some people take it with sugar. Many people aren’t going give up their morning coffees, however, in moderation, and without sugar, coffee can be okay.

Potato Chips

Potato chips, they’re not sugary, right? In fact, they’re salty – the complete opposite. So, why are they bad for you? The answer is starch, as well as them being crunchy with the possibility of becoming stuck between and around your teeth. If you’re going to munch on bowls of crisps, floss and brush afterwards!

There are ways to limit the damage to your teeth. Cut out as much sugar as you can; leave biscuits, sweets and chocolate as an occasional treat. Brush after breakfast and before bed, and make sure to floss.