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Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Brushing Your Teeth



Reasons why you should never skip brushing your teeth

Everyone knows that they need to brush their teeth but not everyone is aware of the importance this task carries. While the more obvious benefits such as not having a smelly mouth or yellow teeth is enough for some people to brush their teeth regularly, others aren’t too fazed by these possibilities and thus choose to skip brushing after a big meal or before bed. The situation is a little more complex than that however and there are many other reasons why you should never skip brushing your teeth such as:

Bad breath

You get bad breath when you don’t brush your teeth because a lot of bacteria build up in your mouth. Brushing your teeth and the subsequent mouth washing will cleanse your mouth of bacteria and freshen it up nicely. If you don’t brush your teeth, there’s nothing to get rid of the bacteria that just keeps piling up on top of last Thursday’s pizza which is stuck between your molars.

Gum disease

There are some pretty nasty medical complications involved when you don’t brush your teeth. Not brushing will result in plaque building up and leading to gingivitis, which in turn represents the first step towards gum disease. This manifests through bleeding from your gums when you brush them, which is neither healthy nor pleasant.

Getting a heart attack or stroke

This is probably the last thing you’d imagine happening because you didn’t brush your teeth, but it’s possible. The bacteria that is normally removed by routine dental brushing and flossing can become dangerous to your cardiovascular health if it is allowed to build up. The bacteria ends up traveling down into your bloodstream and from there it has some pretty negative effects on your body such as increasing cholesterol build up and raising your chances of getting a stroke or suffering from a heart attack.


This is yet another reason for brushing your teeth that you probably haven’t thought about. Studies have been made and they reveal an increased chance by up to 40% of developing dementia in persons that suffered from periodontitis (gum disease).

Dental bills

If your overall health isn’t enough to motivate you, keep dental bills in mind. Often visits to the doctor’s office could put quite a dent into your finances. Just by brushing your teeth twice a day you can help to prevent that from happening. It’s always easier to prevent a problem than to solve it, and things aren’t any different where your health is concerned. You’re better off not getting sick, or in this case suffering from a dental problem, than paying someone to try to fix the problem.