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Popular Myths and Rumors about Augmented Breasts



Popular myths and rumors about augmented breasts

When it comes to plastic surgery, there are many rumors going around which make people think that they would be able to spot if someone with augmented breasts would walk by, or that they would be able to tell a specific detail about it. However, many of those rumors are false, and many people walk around with false ideas about the concept of breast augmentation.  But professionals like London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic can tell you that not everything people say is actually true. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular rumors about enhanced breasts.

Easy to spot

It’s believed by many that augmented breasts are easy to spot and that you will easily be able to tell if the person in front of you had their breasts done or not. That’s not true as a skilled plastic surgeon will be able to make it look very natural and also have the appropriate proportions in relation with the rest of their body. From how they look to how they feel, augmented breasts of today are very natural-like and it’s not easy at all to tell the work of Mother Nature from that of a good surgeon.

They break on airplanes

This is a rather peculiar rumor, but it would seem that many people believe that augmented breasts can rupture during flights. In this day and time it would be quite inconvenient for that to happen since many people fly on a regular basis.  In reality, there’s no risk of such things as the implants used today cannot be ruptured or torn.

They need to be replaced

A lot of women ask if they have to come back for an implant replacement any time after the initial operation. The answer is no, that’s not necessary. Many women decide to replace their implants after many years because the original fit isn’t representative of their current body since many years have passed.

They prevent women from breastfeeding

This is a trickier one, but a general answer would be that women should be able to breastfeed without a problem if they have augmented breasts.  There is no risk in breastfeeding with a breast implant in place, and there are no other detrimental side effects either. However, if the surgeon works on the nipple the woman’s ability to breastfeed might be damaged, so it really depends on whether or not the nipple has been touched.

Implants freeze in low temperatures

While this is a rather reasonable assumption, it’s still false. No matter the outside temperature, the implants will stay a couple of degrees on either side of the body temperature thus they will never freeze and they won’t melt either.