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Increasing Depression In Teenagers



Increasing depression in teenagers

Adolescence is a very crucial time in one’s life. This era of life is very important because a young person has to face bombardment of changes. These changes are of great significance. These are actually psychological, social and most importantly emotional changes. A person has to live accompanying these changes. The one who fails to cope with these changes dives deep into the ocean of depression and never comes out.

There are so many factors which led a person to jump into the ocean of mental depression. The most important factor is the fear of rejection. The major factor is family huge expectations. Family expects high from the child, fails to understand the child and expect high from the child. As a result child comes under pressure and if due to some reason when he fails to meet the expectation of his family, he becomes a victim of curse from his family. He becomes depressant. He becomes mentally retarded because of the disturbing behaviour of teachers and parents. That’s the time when child needs more motivation, someone with whom he can share his problem, someone who can guide him, someone who can bring him out from the darkness.

In this scenario private tutor can well understand the capability of child.  He can guide child in an appropriate manner. That’s the phase of life where child is confused and he needs the one who boost up their confidence. He has no capacity to face the bad remarks from his parents, friends and society. They suffer from adolescent depression which is a very bad disease. It should be given an immediate treatment. They need proper counselling. For this purpose there is a need to find tutors who talk with child in a good, effective manner.

How to cope up adolescent pressures

  1. Children should keep company of good friends. Friends should not be abusive. They should not become the cause of destruction of self-esteem.
  2. They should engaged themselves in some activity. Sitting idle is an act of satan. The one who keeps himself busy in good activities have no time for bad thoughts.
  3. Good organizations or communities should be joined that organize good, healthy programs for adolescents.
  4. When caught in the trouble where you are not in a position to decide what is good and what is bad, take guidance from some good adult.
  5. Don’t watch such programmes which can create a negative impact on your mind. Your thinking is responsible for your health. If you will think good , you will feel better and the other way round if you continuously think bad you will feel bad for yourself and will continuously underestimate yourself.

Recognition of adolescent depression

Following are the symptoms of adolescent depression:

  1. Caught in guilty and regret.
  2. Heavy wrath.
  3. Usage of inappropriate substances.
  4. Staying away from family and friends.
  5. Always thinking to commit suicide.
  6. Despite of having all the blessings, you don’t like to enjoy things; you remain sad.

Treatment of adolescent depression

Following are some of the effective ways to eradicate adolescent depression:

  1. Psychotherapy

It enables patients to explore all those events which cause them depression. They are taught to use skills to cope with depression.

  1. Cognitive-behavioural therapy

It helps patient to think positive. Negative thoughts are eliminated from their mind.

  1. Interpersonal therapy

It enables the patient to develop healthier relationship with people around him.

  1. Medication

Along with therapy proper medication is a bonus point for speedy recovery from adolescent depression.