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Four Ways to Increase Your Energy and Stamina



Four ways to increase your energy and stamina

It is common for people to reach a point where they begin to experience a loss of stamina and feel less energetic. Often a trip to the doctor will reveal nothing but a body that is simply not as young as it once was. However, there is no reason to simply accept lower energy levels and less stamina. There are many things you can do to increase your energy levels throughout the day and your stamina as well.

Eliminate sugar from your diet

This may seem counter-intuitive because sugar provides a short-term stimulant to your body, but after it wears off, your body crashes, and you have less energy than before you ate a donut or candy bar. Stimulants, such as sugar, are an illusion of energy because they are only tapping into your body’s reserve energy. Once this is gone, you will feel more fatigue that before. Eliminating sugar from your diet may create more fatigue as you wean your body off the need for them, but after your body adjusts, you will begin to feel more energetic and experience this new energy throughout the day.

Drink green tea daily
The energy benefits of green tea are numerous. Although there is some caffeine in green tea, it does not give you the jitters the way a cup of coffee does. Green tea will not only perk you up a bit, but there are anti-oxidants that help to fight off disease. Although there are supplements available, such as green tea extract, you can get the full benefits of green tea simply by drinking a couple of cups each day. You should drink it hot, and let the tea bag soak for at least five minutes in hot water. This allows for all of the healthy chemicals to be realized from the tea.

Add more magnesium to your diet

Among vitamins and minerals, it is magnesium that is the most critical to maintain energy and stamina. How quickly carbohydrates are broken down into energy for your body is due to your insulin, but it is magnesium that is the key mineral to aid in the process. Many people are sensitive to even a slight deficiency in this mineral, so increasing your intake will usually help. Although you can take this is in pill form, it is usually best to get it from foods. By getting your magnesium from food, once your body has enough, the excess will simply pass through you. You can get your magnesium from leafy green vegetables. Most nuts are high in magnesium as well as fish. In the fruit family, you should concentrate on bananas and avocados.

Add maca root to your diet
This substance was well known to the Incas of the Andes for its ability to give more stamina, particularly to a man. This root is not well known because it is grown only in the mountains of South America, but it is rapidly gaining a reputation as a super food for energy and stamina. It comes in a powder form, and all you need is a to add a teaspoon to a glass of juice or perhaps your cereal in the morning.

If you feel the need to increase your energy levels, you should visit a doctor to rule out any serious medical issues. After this, you can begin to add a few foods and supplements known to increase energy and stamina.