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Why Care Is Essential in Tea Processing



Why care is essential in tea processing

Ashitaba is an herb known for its amazing healing and health powers. It is most often used as a tea and is usually presented in a powered form. As a tea, the handling of the plant is important because it can have great effects on the end result. You can get an extremely beneficial tea or one that is lacking just because it wasn’t handled and processed properly.

Processing Steps

Every tea goes through different processing steps, but it all begins with picking the leaves. With Ashitaba, picking the leaves is a special process because this plant is known for its quick regeneration, so the leaves that are plucked will be regrown by the next day. However, as with any tea, the picking of Ashitaba leaves is done carefully to ensure only the best leaves are picked. This will have an effect on flavor as the tea goes through the rest of the process.

After being picked, the leaves need to be withered. This gets rid of some of the moisture and leads into the nest stage, which is oxidization. This step is usually very controlled. It is managed to ensure the taste of the tea. Longer oxidization means a darker tea.

After oxidization, the tea is rolled and then it is dried. Drying is important to be able to eventually ground the Ashitaba leaves into a powder form.


The processing of tea leaves must be done carefully to ensure the final result has the taste and qualities that you are looking for. If there is any misstep it can ruin the whole batch. For example, if there is no climate control, the leaves can spoil. If the withering process isn’t carried out correctly, it can prevent the flavor compounds from developing properly. Withering time also affects the look of the tea.

The tea must be handled carefully because once the leaves are picked they begin to change. Chemical reactions occur. Because Ashitaba has many great vitamins and minerals in it, it is essential to make sure it is handled correctly so the tea doesn’t lose any of those characteristics. When you buy Ashitaba, you want to know you are getting the best tea you can, so it is important to buy from a company that takes processing seriously and respects the delicate process that it is.

One misstep during each part of the process can really cause issues. Preparing the tea to become the powder that you will eventually use is really an art. It requires focus and attention to detail. Anytime you buy tea and you are looking for the health benefits, you really should make sure to understand how it was processed.

Ashitaba is a special kind of tea that offers more than any other type of tea, including green. It is packed with a variety of beneficial characteristics that can slow aging and boost your health. However, if it isn’t processed properly, these benefits can be reduced. That is why care needs to be taken throughout every step, from the minute the leaves are picked until that final powder is shipped to you.