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How to Combat the Stress that Accompanies a Career in Nursing



How to combat the stress that accompanies a career in nursing

Choosing to work in the field of nursing is a pretty big decision. It’s a career that can take a toll on you both physically and mentally. With that said, it can also be one of the most rewarding careers out there. So as you work to complete your MSN in nursing administration and prepare to enter the workforce, you may find these tips to be quite helpful.

Think About the Career You Pick

The field of nursing is actually very diverse. There are a number of different positions that exist and some don’t require you to actually work with patients. If you’re the type that likes the idea of a nursing career, but doesn’t necessarily want all the stress that it brings, then you may be better suited to a position away from the front line.

Nurse educators and nurse administrators are great examples of positions that will put to use your online MSN nursing administration degree, but don’t typically have the long hours, stress, and time spent on your feet.

Keep Yourself Organized

One of the things that nurses will tell you is just how busy and hectic their job can be. There is little to no downtime, which means you need to be very well organized. Staying organized will save you time and a lot of stress, as you’ll know where to find items, what tasks you need to complete, and understand how to prioritize your time. Staying organized allows you to feel in control of the situation.

Make Your Health a Priority

If you are a nurse that is dealing with patients on a daily basis, then you are being exposed to germs on a regular basis. It’s very common for nurses to find they get sick easily, especially those who are new to the field. It’s more than just exposure to germs though; being run down and tired will weaken your immune system, leaving you open to catch just about anything and everything.

As a nurse, it’s very important you take the time to look after your own health. This means eating proper nutritious meals, getting enough sleep, taking vitamins to help boost your immune system, and exercising on a regular basis. All of these tips can help to make your immune system stronger, which will help you to fight off the various germs you’re exposed to. Of course, when you feel good physically, it usually helps mentally, too.

Learn How to Set Emotional Boundaries

This is a tricky tip to master. As a nurse you want to be able to show sensitivity towards your patients and their families, but at the same time you must set up some emotional boundaries so that you don’t let that stress eat you up. This takes time and practice and also an understanding of what your perfect balance is.

Being the Best Nurse you Can Be

By using various tips that can help you fight and deal with the stress of being a nurse, you will obviously feel better, but you’ll also perform better in your job, which benefits you and your patients.