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Wristbands Matter: Why Awareness Is Essential for Your Cause



Wristbands matter: why awareness is essential for your cause

Some people think that having wristbands made for an awareness campaign is not the best thing that a non-profit should spend its money on. After all, these dollars could be better spent on helping out those who really need it, right? There are those who even say that wearing a wristband is just a cop-out from actually creating real change for a specific cause.

Yes, it’s true that some charities and non-profits may be better off delegating more money to communities in need. But that doesn’t discount two facts about awareness campaigns.

Why You Need an Awareness Campaign

First is that awareness of a problem is the first step to solving it. Good examples are campaigns for diseases such as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, HIV/AIDS, and the many different types of cancer. How can you ask people to donate time or money to help those people suffering from those ailments, when they don’t even know much about those diseases?

Second is that wristbands do help in creating awareness. It’s a tangible reminder of the cause. A well-designed, customized silicone wristband can catch the attention of the wearer’s family or friends, getting those people to ask what the cause is all about. That, and people can take pictures of the wristband to upload on social media to further spread the word.

These wristbands can also help reframe the conversation into something more positive. For example, HIV/AIDS still has a negative stigma attached to it. But if there are a good number of people wearing wristbands about HIV/AIDS, it can catch other people’s attention, paving the way for a discussion on an otherwise taboo subject.

Going Beyond Fashion Accessories

Granted, there’s a fair amount of criticism leveled at these wristbands being used only as a fashion accessory. Some people accuse wearers of these wristbands as not knowing what the cause behind them is all about.

However, most of these problems that people associate with wearing wristbands are actually problems that are more related to an awareness campaign’s execution.

For example, when a wristband is sold or given away to a number of people, does it come with information about that cause? Do the persons giving away or selling the wristband explain what the cause is all about? When you fail to answer yes to both of these questions, then yes, your wristband may just end as an accessory.

On top of that, some organizations make the mistake of thinking that the creation and distribution of wristbands are already the awareness campaign. In reality, these wristbands are only a tool for a campaign to work.

After people get their wristbands, the next steps to get more involved in a cause should be made clear to them. Sure, not all wristband wearers may be able to get more involved in a cause. But those who are willing to commit to a cause will certainly know what to do next.

With these arguments, it’s clear that wristbands are a great tool to spread the word about your cause. When paired with a well thought-out awareness campaign, you are sure to gain valuable supporters that will help you change the world for the better.

Image Credits: Flickr