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Wendler 5 3 1 Workout-A Complete Training Program



Wendler  5 3 1 workout-a complete training program

In today gym junkies post, I would like to tackle Jim Wendler  5 3 1 system. Before I start, it is very vital to note that Wendler 5 3 1 is not a cookie cutter or a generic program you may analyse easily. Through Wendler different book publications such as original 5 3 1 for powerlifting and original 5 3 1 and beyond 5 3 1, Wendler has produced over 500 pages of contents on the 531 system.

In all these publications, Wendler offers many different versions of  5 3 1 systems that help  from getting faster strength, improving conditioning, general strength and jumping higher and setting PRS on the major three for the purpose of powerlifting.

Here in gymjunkies post, I would like to highlight some main features of 5 3 1 strength program. I would recommend you consider the copy of Beyond 5 3 1 If you want to add any variation in the program.

This publication contains the greatest ideas and Wendler latest tips concerning 5 3 1 systems. If you do not know with “Joker” and “first set last” your knowledge base on 5 3 1 is out of dated.

Unlike other weight lifting program, Wendler 5 3 1 features a mesocycle on a monthly basis with weight increasing. This program is not for advanced intermediate athletes. However, early intermediate bodybuilders can make program gradually once per month. It permits for rep maxes, but it is tough to add one rep every week then  add ~2-5lbs/1-2kg per week

The major drawback in 5 3 1 systems is that it lacks the frequency for the weightlifters. You need to perform each lift every week. For the majority of body trainers and weight lifters, it is not optimal from the technical point of view.

You need a weekly exposure to the lifting to dominant your technique. Presently, there are different 5 3 1 templates that work well to rise frequency. For the purpose of powerlifting, where technique is important, it is vital to select one of them. You can find these examples easily in Wendler 5 3 1 Beyond publication.

This program gives you a method of how to skyrocket your strength and stamina, and you will experience it soon. Another benefit of 5 3 1 and another strength training system is that you do not need to stay in the gym for a long time to see results. Three to four workouts of 40 to 60 minutes per week is all you should follow.

A Final Word

It is not for power lifters but everyone with experience of weight lifting. It provides you with a systematic plan to increase all rep-maxes that lead to all-around strength and top-end strength.