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What’s Life Like Studying Hypnotherapy?



Deciding to study hypnotherapy isn’t just a gratifying and fascinating career, but it’s incredibly flexible at every stage throughout.

From the moment that you decide to undertake hypnotherapy training courses until the moment you qualify, you’ll find that your 150 hours’ training can be taken at your own pace. It’s for this reason that so many people choose to pursue hypnotherapy careers as a whole new career path, or after spending time off after maternity leave. Sometimes even those who have benefited first-hand from the effects of hypnotherapy decide to train in the profession too.

Don’t worry about the exams 

Those who aren’t exam-friendly shouldn’t fret about the prospect of facing overly-complex, timed papers either. Life studying hypnotherapy very much revolves around online coursework, which you can put as many – or as few – hours into as you want in any given session.

This isn’t to say that the courses are a walkover. You’ll often find yourself needing to search multiple resources to hone your technique or find your answer. Thankfully the way that the teaching materials are organized means that you should never find yourself at your wits’ end because you are struggling to find an answer.

You’re not on your own

Support is readily available for those who need it too. Those studying hypnotherapy from the comfort of their own home have access to several dedicated practitioners who are specifically assigned to individual students. Because of this, you should never find yourself overwhelmed or without guidance. Group forums also enable you to swap knowledge with each other, which is another great way of discovering more among your colleagues.

Another benefit of studying hypnotherapy in your own time is that it gives you a taster for what life is like as a fully-fledged hypnotherapy practitioner. The qualifications gained during training can ultimately lead to careers such as Counsellor, Life Coach, or Therapist.