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The Harmful Consequences of Everyday Addictive Foods



The harmful consequences of everyday addictive foods

The majority of people are interested in at least one thing with a stimulant effect. That interest can become an addiction over time. Some of the most common of these products are canned energy drinks, many soft drinks, betel nut and leaf, tobacco, mahaung (Chinese compound that’s like ephedrine),  alcohol, and coffee.

We’ll go over a number of the reasons that these products should not be used but to understand the situation fully, we need to consider why people are so interested in them to start.

The vast majority of people understand that these stimulants can cause problems for the body when too much is taken. Yet, their popularity is growing faster than ever. This desire comes from a primal urge that can be found in people and a number of different animals: People seek an emotional boost from the food that they eat. This emotional high can be described from a medical perspective as a little bit of sweating, dilation of the eyes, a rapid heart beat, a perception of stronger senses, a warm flush on the face, and  stronger ability to focus and concentrate.

These stimulant effects are soon wearing off again and the body is no longer feeling that high. The body will want that food again to experience that high again (even just one more time.) That craving continues after every single use making the body more and more dependent on the feeling.

Ever wonder how the body gets addicted?

At the time you eat a food with an addictive quality, at the ends of your nerves, your body gets stimulated. That causes your body to become more engaged in the moment by producing its own stimulation. As the body gets less and less of the stimulant, the body just slows down. That’s when the body begins to want more of it. This back and forth between excess stimulants and none creates the addictive dependence.

People have been consuming addictive foods and drinks for hundreds of years. Despite the new interest being shown in health and fitness, the popularity of addictive substances is just growing.

You need to watch out for some of the side effects of this particular addictive substances:

Alcohol: Nutritional problems, destruction of intestines and stomach lining, liver problems.

Tobacco: Repeated tongue and gum damage can cause cancer in the buccal mucosa.

Betel nut: Teeth discoloration, destruction of the mouth lining, upper tract and mouth cancer. Cardiovascular damage possible for people with previous heart conditions.

Ma huang: The ephedrine that it contains has been shown to cause cardiovascular problems.

Soft drinks: Large amounts of caffeine.

Xanthine or Caffeine: These are typically taken in coffees and teas. These are acceptable and safe in doses smaller that 5 cups a day.

Drug Interactions: There are a number of medications for problems with the heart, asthma, or hypertension that don’t react well will stimulants that can be found in foods. The combination of some  can even lead to death. Doctors have been trying to break their patients food addictions but they’ve seen the challenges that people face. These days, learning to control your intake is the most important thing. If you chose to consume this substances then it’s best that you manage your use closely.