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How HGH Influences Skin And Hair



Human growth hormone or HGH (also known as somatotropin) is a hormone that secretes from the anterior lobe of your pituitary gland. This hormone is controlled by your hypothalamus that is located in your central brain, just above the brain stem. It is as small as the size of the almond but it is the linkage point of the nervous system to your endocrine system, also involving the pituitary gland. Your overall metabolism, muscle to body fat ratio, skin and hair conditions are influenced by HGH hormone.

Today, the cosmetic market is largely selling HGH therapies and injections for improving life quality. The general benefits of HGH hormone as stated by National HRT are as follows

  1. Improves muscle tone and strength
  2. Decreases body fat
  3. Increases endurance, energy, and stamina
  4. Restores your hair colour, makes it thicker and healthier
  5. Elevates your mood
  6. Reduces wrinkles, tightens your skin
  7. Lowers cholesterol, blood pressure levels, and vision problems
  8. Improves mental clarity and memory
  9. Enhances sexual potency

Thus, it’s clearly understandable why both men and women are running behind HGH hormone treatments. This hormone helps you to stay forever young, agile, vibrant, and virile! However, you should also be considering the negative effects of the hormone that can be best explained by the physicians; a proper counselling is needed before you think of starting this hormonal therapy.

HGH hormone for skin and hair

With age and degenerative factors, the elasticity in our skin lessens and starts sagging. This happens because there is decrease of HGH hormone in our bodies as we grow older. Hair starts to thin out prematurely and greying also sets in. If you can renew the HGH levels in your body, it will show significant improvement in hair, skin and even nails.

HGH studies have shown considerable improvement in hair growth and skin improvement. This hormone restores skin elasticity and hair loss. It helps to reduce wrinkles and restores energy levels as well. The prime method to undergo HGH therapies are via injections that should be administered by skilled physician only. Specific types of HGH that are effective, not all of them, thus trust a reliable physician to get the powerful injections of HGH.

Many clinical trials of HGH administration have proved that it has the capability of hair restoration, in majority cases hair colour have also been restored. The skin gets smoother and softer as it gets hydrated and perfectly moisturised. Many people have confirmed that HGH injections resulted in thicker and lustrous hair growth than before. Similar positive results are seen in nail growth as well.

With age the low HGH levels can bring upon many disturbances both physically and look wise; these therapies have immense benefits. However, your physician must be well versed about the effective injections, their doses and also the ways to counter the side effects. HGH hormone therapies have shown millions of affirmative results worldwide; both men and women are opting it for better hair growth and skin restoration.