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Best ways of Treatment for Alcoholics and Drug Addicts



Addiction is characterized as a long term, continuous and a relapsing disease. Hence, its treatment can only begin once an addict recognizes his/her problem and agrees to stop it. However, despite the availability of numerous treatment options and facilities for Drug Addicts and Alcoholism, it is often difficult to find the best and immediate solution to the problem. Here, we have suggested the immediate and long term measures that can be followed for the treatment of drug addicts and alcoholics.

Immediate Measures:

  1. Detoxification: This is the beginning to the Immediate Treatment and includes the withdrawal of the drug/alcohol from the person addicted to it. The period of time during which the body is trying to overcome the addiction is called detoxification. This may lead to certain side effects like anxieties, sweating, diarrhea, sleeplessness etc depending on how long the person might have taken the drugs/alcohol. This is evident as person regularly taking drugs/alcohol will have his body accustomed to its regular intake, hence once the substance is removed, the body might go into a state of shock, leading to withdrawal symptoms. Anti-anxiety drugs like Benzodiazepines are used as treatments.
  2. Rehabilitation: This involves a visit to the rehabilitation centers including strict medical and psychotherapeutic treatments. Individual counseling is done on the recovering alcoholic/drug addict by making them identify on how they have become addicted. This is often followed by a group therapy where they can interact with other people having similar problems, giving them a communal support that they are not alone. In most rehabilitation programs, a family therapy is provided, where the loved ones are allowed to express their pain and love for their loved one’s addiction thus giving him/her the family support required.
  3. Holistic Recovery: Unlike a rehabilitation centre, there are many holistic centers as well and you can visit their holistic recovery center where they provide a complete treatment to the alcoholic/ drug addicts in addition to the necessary medical treatments. Some of their therapies include yoga sessions, private massaging sessions, acupuncture sessions, chiropractic care sessions, nutrition education and physical education too.

Long Term Measures:

The first Rule of Recovery from addiction says, “Recovery from an addiction is never absolute just by discontinuing their use, rather by re-constructing a new and a healthy life”. It has been commonly said that a person generally consumes alcohol or indulges himself/herself in drugs to remain relaxed, get high and often to relieve the tension from the fast-moving life. However, for addicts this use of alcohols and drugs, makes them so involved that they are unable to relax themselves until they relapse on these addictions again.

The following suggestions might be considered useful for a person looking for long term abstinence from alcohol/drugs:

  1. Join a gym/ Meditation Centre: Exercises give a natural high to our body energy levels while meditation relaxes the brain and makes us feel calm and peaceful.
  2. Environment Awareness: Avoid places where drinking/taking drugs come easily that include mostly bars and pubs. Indulge yourself with a group of non drinking friends having with no drug addictions.
  3. Encourage Positivity: Replace the dependencies on alcohol/ drugs and their negative effects by positive dependencies like a new hobby/ new pet.
  4. Follow a healthy diet: Alcohol and drug addiction causes a loss in appetite, causing significant nutritional deficiency to the body. Hence to compensate this loss, the body must intake proper nutrition especially important vitamins like vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Amino Acids and minerals.
  5. Dandelion: Dandelion is an herb and can be a magical home remedy to chronic alcohol consumption. This not only rejuvenates the tissue of liver but also stimulates the bile production and its flow that gets adversely affected due to over-consumption of alcohol.
  6. Include extra intake of apples and grapes in the diet. It is believed that apples can control the yearning for alcohol and can also detoxify the toxins from the body. Grape is an alcohol’s natural form, thus a doctor often recommends taking regular intake of grapes to minimize the craving for alcohol to an alcoholic.