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Watching TV In The Dark Is Bad For Your Health



Our eyes get tired quickly when there’s a big difference between the brightness of the image of television screen and the lightning in the room. An experiment proves this, which was conducted by specialists of Rensler Polytechnic Institute in New York.

The participants, which were divided into two groups, were offered two movies. The first group watched a movie on a flat screen in a well-lit room, while the second group was in a room without additional lighting. After that, the groups changed their places.

During the pause, after the second movie, tests were made about the reaction rate of visual stimuli. The participants in this experiment, who were performing different tasks, was conducted a brain scan.

According to the data, where the first movie was watched with the lack of lightning in the room, the speed of reaction was declined in the course of performing the next task. Scientists also found something insignificant, but on the other hand measurable, which was an increase of the interval between stimulus and agitation of visual centers of brain in participants. Those of them, who watched the movie in the dark, complained of visual tension, fatigue and drowsiness.

This project allows establishing a link between subjective feelings of discomfort, visual tension and in that manner specific physiological effects can be accurately measured, according to experts.