Not Your Grandmother’s Perfume…

Not Your Grandmother’s Perfume…

Tokyo Milk

One of the hottest new names in the world of perfumes and colognes is the all-natural, Tokyo Milk. Best known for their blushing fragrances and flirtatious touches, Tokyo Milk perfumes and colognes are packaged as beautifully as they smell. Their signature clear, rectangular bottles have simple dark labels, accented by silvery lids that look lovely on any dressing table.

Created by Margo Elena, this new line of fragrances sports lyrically-named scents such as Paper & Cotton, a highly seductive, citric-floral with an other-worldly notes of fresh, coriander, white sage, birch wood and tundra moss. This is a fragrance that smells like one would imagine a Colorado mountaintop morning just after a gentle rainfall. The deeper Tokyo Milk Song in D Minor is more appropriate for evenings. It has hints of white orchid, amber, gardenia and orange flower and is the perfect thing for a night out on the town.

These fragrances are moderately priced at under $30, yet have the potential to make every woman smell like a million bucks.


Another fast growing name in the perfumery market is Crow. Crow’s beautiful botanical scents are free from harsh chemicals that cause allergic reactions . These long-lasting, water-based perfumes do not contain any synthetic ingredients or petrochemicals, yet can make subtly beautiful statements that are as feminine and sophisticated as some of the old-school, high dollar fragrances that have been around forever. The line has 12 individual scents that include Hand of Buddha, a delightful green, floral citrus fragrance, or their popular Vanille Botanique, an incredibly deep, rich vanilla with hints of gentle elder flowers.


Lavanila is another name that is sweeping perfume nation. Their line of luxurious fragrances contain bursts of fruit combined with smooth coconut milk and notes of island sugar cane to create light, yet sultry, scents that titillate the senses. Lavanila fragrances are rich in exotic tones, yet a hint on the wrist can tame even the wildest man-beast.


Mandini, an amazing Moroccan perfumery has come out with a line of truly distinct unisex fragrances that are of highest quality, yet perfectly affordable. Just a touch of their smoky Agarwood scent can bring instant visions of aromatic woods simmering away on a cold winter’s night with notes of lingering lavender that calm the senses. Their warm, sweet Ambre is created from the resin of the golden amber tree. This rich, deep fragrance has seductive hits of vanilla and brown sugar. Looking for something lighter? Try one of their finest scents, Azahar, bursts of Moroccan orange blossoms. This one is light, fresh and incredible!

All of these fragrances signify the new direction toward all-natural products that are kinder and gentler to your skin and to the environment.

James is a Writer and a Perfume Expert from

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