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A Holistic Approach on ‘Imaginary’ Illnesses



All around the world, there are illnesses that doctor deem as being imaginary. But just because the theoretical medical facts don’t seem to make sense, it doesn’t mean that the pain or discomfort are not real. It is impossible to diagnose a disease until your medical tests results are run through at least one doctor’s fine expertise. Choosing to ignore the signs your body is trying to give you is utterly wrong. Traditional medicine should not exclude alternative medicine practices. ‘’If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail’’, says the Law of the Instrument. And this is correct. If you talk to a surgeon, you are to be a possible surgery subject. If you talk to gastroenterologist, they will blame it on your guts and so and so forth. What we needn’t forget though is that our bodies function as a whole. Everything is related. Therefore, holistic medicine treats you as a whole.

One example is the Leaky Gut Syndrome. Why is it perceived as being imaginary? Well, due to its similarity to the Irritable Bowel Syndrome. For short, leaky gut syndrome is a conditions in which you immune system is weakened by toxins, bacteria and parasites that enter your bloodstream. It also affect your digestive system and may lead to autoimmune diseases. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is something medicine has accepted a long time ago because it is related strictly to your diet. Leaky Gut Syndrome, on the other hand, is caused by an accumulation of factors. Our bodies work in strange ways, and everything is related.

For example, you may find yourself suffering from bloating and cramps without knowing why. You live a healthy life, you take care of your body and exercise frequently. But do you take care of your mind? There is a strong relation between emotion and the immune system. Anger, stress and any other negative emotions can cause an increase in certain types of bacteria in your gut, so it is very likely that your gut flora may change due to stress and depression. Do you have a busy schedule? Do you have a stressful job? Find out what’s stressing you out and causing disturbances in your body and eliminate it once and for all. If you want to find more about the leaky gut syndrome, check this leaky gut video for relevant information, by Eric Bakker from

Another example of an ‘imaginary’ illness is something most of us face at a point in our lives. Candidiasis hypersensitivity is seen as a bogus disease. However, the symptoms are real. They include include fatigue, depression, skin problems, abdominal pain and bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and problems of the urinary and reproductive organs. All these are extremely unpleasant and they are caused by an interaction of factors. Stress, emotions, alcohol, gluten, antibiotics, zinc deficiency, sugar, penicillin and even being a vegetarian can all cause bacterial overgrowth. But, let’s not forget that each of our bodies is unique and has its own way of reacting to different external factors. Visit for more on candida and how to approach it appropriately.

That is why a thorough holistic approach on your health can prevent and fight major problems that come with old age by treating problems that might seem minor while young.