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Facelifts and Necklifts Demystified: 5 Differences Explored



When it comes to plastic surgery, some of the procedure names sound so similar that it’s often hard to tell them apart even though they are separate—and completely different—procedures. From Botox injections to eye lifts and everything in between, when it comes to the face, there are so many different lifts and procedures that it’s hard to keep them all straight. Two of the most common confusions in the plastic industry world are necklifts and facelifts. So what exactly are the differences between the two?

A necklift only focuses on the neck.

If you are in need of a necklift, this is due to you having excess fat around the neck. If you have jowls or if your neck moves often, you can remove these issues with a necklift. With this procedure, the facial surgery specialist will make an incision around your neck and behind your ears in order to remove fat and pull up the hanging skin. Once the swelling goes down, you’ll have a tighter neck.

A facelift focuses on the face.

A facelift is similar to a necklift, but instead of making the neck tighter, the facelift will make your face appear tighter in appearance. This is done by making incisions around the hairline or in the natural creases of the face, and then pulling the skin of the face back so that any sagging is removed. Once the swelling goes down, your face will be tighter and smoother in appearance.

Facelift procedures are more complicated.

Between necklifts and facelifts, the facelift procedure is more complicated. There are several different types of procedures available in order to reach the desired results. The deep-plane lift pulls the muscles of the face in to create a tighter look, but this will often result in people looking as if they’ve had work done. A bi-vector facelift is also available to provide a natural post-facelift appearance.

Necklifts are less expensive.

The cost of both necklifts and facelifts will vary all over the world, but consistently you will find that necklifts are less expensive. This is usually true because necklifts are so much less invasive and less complicated. On average, a facelift will cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000, depending on the exact procedure. On the other hand, while still expensive, a necklift will run you about $3,000 to $7,000. Again, the price of the necklift will vary from doctor to doctor and based on your specific needs and condition.

Necklifts and facelifts can be done together.

If you want to have your face and your neck done, you don’t have to worry about scheduling separate appointments for each. Instead, your facial surgery specialist will be able to perform both procedures at the same time. Since you’re already going to experience swelling from one procedure, you may as well do them at the same time so that you don’t have to experience the surgery or the swelling at different times. Plus, some doctors will also give you a small discount if you opt to do both procedures.