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How Home Help will Benefit Your Elderly Relative



As your relative gets on in years, whether it is your parent, grandparent or great auntie or uncle, it is difficult to see them lose their independence as they struggle to look after themselves and their home. However, there is help available. Organisations such as Extra Care at Home will work with you and your family member to aid them retain their independence but give them the level of care they need to live a dignified life. It puts off the need for a care home for the elderly and will have multiple benefits for your relative. Here are some of those advantages:


A common problem amongst the elderly is managing their medication. Too often patients are on the wrong levels of medication or their condition has changed so that their prescription is no longer adequate. Having someone around who is looking after your relative means they can perhaps spot symptoms which need flagging up to doctors and they can also help organise prescriptions and pick them up.


Often, elderly people need help with their morning or evening routines. Home helpers can offer assistance with washing, shaving and other elements of their cleanliness routine. Their housekeeping duties will also mean they keep a clean and hygienic home.


Home helpers will also asssit with cooking meals. If this has been a struggle for your elderly relative, chances are their diet has suffered because of it. Handing this responsibility to someone else means they may benefit from more care being taken over what they are eating. A healthy diet will have a big effect on their health.


Having someone to regularly meet and chat to your relative will give their mood a lift and have health benefits. A home helper can assist with reading, attending appointments, and keeping an eye on other diary appointments.


Having the safety net of a carer can increase a person’s confidence as they do not feel as isolated and will feel the benefits of having companionship and other areas of their life made easier. Again, this will be of real benefit to the person’s health as their outlook becomes more positive. Living in a house which is looked after with well-maintained houseplants and is clean is a real happiness booster.


Another area of an old person’s life which can suffer as a result of restricted mobility and possible illness is laundry and ironing. This, along with bed-making, dusting, vacuuming and sorting out the cupboards can be taken care of by home help assistants.

So if you are worried about your elderly relative, home help could be the answer. Find out what local provisions for care are near you and then see what is best for their needs.