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Why Do We Use Limited Alcohol Consumption



Everybody likes a nice drink now and then especially at the weekend and one thing which is incredibly important to anyone who consumes alcohol, whether male or female, is to know your limits.

Why Do We Use Limited Consumption?

The main reason we use limited alcohol consumption is to protect ourselves from the debilitating damage that alcohol can cause if we don’t keep our drinking in check.

Unfortunately the human body can’t break down alcohol as fast as we can pour it in and since it is technically a poisonous substance it can have lasting effects on the human body despite how delicious it can be.

Be it pints of beer, the occasional glass of wine, a glass of whisky, shots or complicated cocktails the truth is that in the long run these drinks can and often will lead to irreparable damage if not consumed in moderation.

What Happens If We Consume Without Restrictions?

The general safe limits of alcohol consumption are 21 units per week for men and 14 units for women and unfortunately there are those who regularly exceed this.

Of course anyone who drinks will tell you that they can handle how much they pour in to themselves and that they’re not going to be affected by the ravages of alcohol. Sometimes they can be right as everyone reacts differently to it but more often than not the majority of heavy drinkers all suffer from the same problems eventually.

Physical Health

Consumption without limitations can lead to numerous health problems, and the main area that suffers the most trauma is the liver. This organ can only break down one unit of alcohol every hour and when you drink too much, deposits of fat start to develop around it. If you continue to binge drink your liver can become inflamed which can lead to alcoholic hepatitis, which means you run a risk of liver failure or even death.

Also you can permanently scar and damage the liver which leads to cirrhosis and an increased risk of cancer if you’re not careful. You can also destroy the lining in your stomach which causes ulcers, cancers and internal bleeding as well as gastritis. You might also suffer from Kidney disease, Intestinal problems and issues with your circulation.

Mental Health

But that’s not the end to the negative effects of alcohol in the body that you can encounter because it can also lead to severe mental problems.

Alcohol is often used as a vice or an escape from difficult situations to reduce stress or anxiety; unfortunately it actually causes an increase in anxiety levels and can lead to depression, personality disorders and even schizophrenia.

In fact according to a study by the Mental Health Foundation around 65% of suicides have been directly linked to excessive alcohol consumption.


Finally excessive alcohol consumption can lead to alcoholism the worst kind of addiction which not only destroys your mind and body but also your social life and finances.

It’s a horrible situation to become completely dependent on a substance and thankfully there are numerous therapy and rehabilitation programmes that you can sign yourself or anyone you know up to. Just make sure that when you do it isn’t too late.

So as you can see with all of those problems that could arise being able to know our limits and stick to those limitations can only be for our own benefits in the long run.