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How to Take it Easy Without Being Lazy



Without getting into the economics of the thing, people are having to work harder and harder for less money. It has been happening for decades, this tendency toward great productivity for little pay, and the average person is caught up in it through no fault of their own. As a result, a lot of people become unhappy. Unable to break out of the cycle of “work, work, work for what, what, what?”, they find themselves unhealthy and unhappy, often in the prime of their lives. What is to be done about this? The answer is to find out, in simple forms, what people need to be happy, and to do those things really well.

Food. If you look back through the ages of human history, access to food and water are a constant preoccupation of our species. If you are reading this on a computer, mobile device, or tablet, chances are you eat well enough. But is it doing good things for your health and happiness? Food should be savored, in its preparation and consumption. My recommendation: learn to cook with great ingredients. You don’t need to break the bank to do this. Just learn what great ingredients taste like: quality eggs, nourishing greens, unprocessed meats. Find some recipes and work with them until you can make something mindblowingly good. Let it bring you enjoyment, and enjoyment to people you love. This alone will work wonders for your health. It’s much better than rushing through meals, eating convenience foods on the road or whenever you have a minute. Trust me on this one. “Made with love” is a thing.

Sleep. Do it. And do it well. This means working on the problems that plague your mind and doing enough work to get good and tired. There’s nothing like getting rest when you need it. The quality of the sleep is better. There’s also nothing like sleep when you aren’t worrying about everything in your life. Of course, worry is natural. You can’t escape real life, nor should you try. But by cultivating a good life: interpersonally, financially, in your health, in your education, you’ll make it way easier to sleep well at night. Seriously.

Activity and Exercise. Find some vigorous activity that you like, and do it every day or two. I recommend yoga with Teton Spirit, which helps me be more mindful of every aspect of my life. Yoga may not be your thing, but I recommend something quiet, like something you can do in nature. I also recommend something loud, with other people. Studies have proven that aging adults fight off dementia the best when they remain socially active, dancing being one of the best tactics, specifically. So find something active, that you love, and let it work wonders on your health.