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Get the Best Deals Online on Contact Lenses



There are several tips for obtaining the best deals in contact lenses. One tip is knowing in advance what you want in your selection, as well as where to get the best deals. These tips will ensure you get the best prices for the best quality. The tips are:

  • Know what type of lens you want
  • Know how much you are willing to pay
  • Decide if you need personal assistance in their use
  • Find the best deals online and compare to offline deals

Types of lenses

There are several options when choosing contact lenses. These options must be taken into account when seeking to secure great deals on lenses. There are basically three types of lenses. They are:

  • Soft, gas permeable
  • Rigid
  • Semi-rigid

Within these types of lenses, there are different variations. There are colored ones that change the eye color. These can either be prescription ones or ones worn only for their cosmetic advantage.

Different focal styles let those who need bifocals or other varieties of focal solutions to also enjoy contact lens wearing. Lenses are also designed to help with astigmatism. These are called Toric lenses.

Toric Lenses

In the past, people with significant astigmatism had to resort to rigid contacts or glasses. That is no longer the case. Special designs for soft lenses allow the focus to be on two different planes to accommodate astigmatism. This means the person suffering from the condition can enjoy soft lenses and disposables or long-wearing varieties the same as anyone else.

Toric lenses are more expensive, and the process of fitting them more complicated. This means the lenses cost more, and the fee by the doctor for fitting them is more expensive. This makes it more important for the wearer to secure great deals on lenses. Comparison shopping online can help find these deals.

Length of Wear

Length of wear involves not only the expected life of a particular pair of lenses but also the length of time they can be worn. Rigid lenses are expected to last for years, usually. They used to be limited to only a few hours daily wear, then had to be removed, cleaned, and the eyes rested for a time. That is no longer true. They come in designs for an extended wearing time now, meaning they can be slept in and worn 24/7. Of course, caution needs to be taken to follow the doctor’s instructions.

Soft lenses are designed to be worn up to as much as 30 days without removal. There are also inexpensive varieties that are made to be discarded frequently, called disposables. They are not as good quality as other lenses but are much more expensive. They are convenient, but also can be prone to tearing and scratching that may damage the eye. They should be used with care.