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How to Stay Healthy at Work



Work-related health issues are all too common these days. Managing and responding to the way our work affects our health is an essential part of maintaining a healthy body and also a healthy career. Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy at work.

Look after your body

Whether it’s slouching over a desk all day or intense manual labor, persistent strains on the body can have detrimental effects which may impair your ability to work in the future.

If you work in an office environment, make sure that your chair is positioned so that your elbows are at right angles when your hands are on the desk. This will help to minimize the risk of repetitive strain injuries and back problems related to slouching and typing for extended periods.

When using a computer, keep your screen at least 30 inches away from your face to avoid straining your eyes, and take regular screen breaks by simply looking into the distance for 30 seconds or so.

When lifting heavy items, keep you back straight and bend your knees, lifting with the strength your legs instead of the more delicate muscles in your back.

Avoid accidents

Accidents at work account for a large percentage of work-related health issues in the UK. Take appropriate steps to avoid accidents that could affect your ability to work.

Healthy and safety procedures can be a pain but they exist for a reason; adhere to them to minimize risk. Use common sense where written instructions do not extend to real-life situations.

Make sure your employer has made every effort to create a safe workspace. This includes providing adequate training before allowing employees to use any machines or equipment, as well as simpler things like promptly cleaning up spills, etc.

Take a break

Whatever your profession, a well-earned break will not only help to keep you healthy but will allow you to focus better when you return to work. Studies have shown that regular short breaks can be more effective that one or two long ones.

Maintain a healthy diet

It can be easy to let your eating habits slip in the workplace. Working on a poor diet is much like filling a diesel engine with petrol: the engine will run for a bit but very soon it will start to seize up.

Avoid drinking lots of coffee to keep focused. Caffeine raises blood pressure, a symptom that is associated with stress. Instead of snacking on chocolate biscuits, try dried fruit and nuts for a healthier solution.

Keep your workspace clean

The workplace is the favored breeding ground for communicable diseases, so make sure to keep your workspace scrupulously clean. Wash your hands regularly and clean any communal crockery thoroughly after use.

So look after your body, try to avoid accidents, take regular breaks, eat healthily, and keep your workspace clean. Do this and you are more likely to stay healthy. Stay healthy you have a better chance of a long and prosperous career. Simple.