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Use Glucosamine As an Aid For Wound-Healing Before And After Surgery



Glucosamine supplementation is thought to help stimulate the healing process that comes before and after surgical intervention. The substance is known for its impressive effects on diminishing arthritic pain in people’s hips, knees, ligaments, and tendons, and it doesn’t only reduce joint soreness, but it can also improve the production of hyaluronic acid. Even though glucosamine is usually extracted from seashells, it can also be produced in the laboratory. Glucosamine is mainly found in cartilages and its main function is that of repairing and restoring them whenever they’re prone to tear and wear (whenever the body moves cartilages get reshaped and worn).

Studies have shown that glucosamine supplementation can help the body increase the production of several wound-healing proteins, thus enhancing the body’s natural repair process. The study found out that patients who have been submitted to surgery can take glucosamine to improve hyaluronic acid production and eventually encourage the wound to heal. Besides, this process also diminishes the risk of developing potential complications associated with scarring.

Hyaluronic acid and its benefits

Hyaluronic acid is also known as HA or hyaluronan, and it’s one of the body’s main building blocks. Its main function is that of stimulating the collagen production, while other functions include the ability to enhance natural cell repair and prevent synovial fluids from drying up.

What is more, hyaluronic acid contains several forms of sugar molecules. For example, the glucose contained by honey is said to turn into hyaluronic acid; the glucose finds the wounded surface and promotes healing by forming a type of matrix. Some reports even indicate that hyaluronic acid can be applied topically by people who want to get rid of ulcers, scars, burns, or wounds. Besides, this type of acid is also utilized as a moisturizer.

Hyaluronic acid also encourages the mitosis and migration of epithelial and mesenchymal cells. Therefore, glucosamine is recommended during the first days that come after trauma or surgery, because it is considered to improve the production of hyaluronic acid in the wound, thus encouraging the healing process and diminishing the risk of developing other complications.

Hyaluronic Acid might have something to do with the scarless wound healing specific to embryos

The glucose derived from sugar or that is found in honey leads to a balance between collagen and the hyaluronic acid usually found in most wounds. These wounds are usually covered with an extracellular matrix that lacks excessive collagen while containing high levels of hyaluronic acid. Certain wounds contain a higher level of hyaluronic acid. This means that the acid reduces the level of collagen, which leads to reduced scarring.

Other specialists believe that the removal of hyaluronic acid from adult wounds can result in fibrotic scarring. Even though its exact function hasn’t been established yet, HA seems to have a strong impact on fibrous scarring. The quantity of hyaluronic acid found in the skin may influence the way in which scar tissues form, and this has made scientists conclude that an altered amount and distribution of hyaluronic acids in various scar tissues may be the factor that leads to various clinical characteristics.

Is Glucosamine 100% safe before and after surgery?

You should avoid combining glucosamine with blood thinners because you run the risk of developing uncontrollable or prolonged bleeding after dental works, injuries, or surgeries.  Glucosamine can increase the blood sugar level, especially in people who suffer from diabetes.

If you’re going through surgery in the following period and you want to reduce scarring risks by taking glucosamine, make sure that you consult a physician first. No one knows the state of your health better than your doctor, which means that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t talk to them about your concerns. Increasing the production of hyaluronic acid might help, but there are countless other ways you can make sure that your post-surgery wounds will heal.

Glucosamine supplementation may be an excellent aid for healing your wounds prior to surgical intervention. Prescribed for arthritic pain, the effects of glucosamine can greatly diminish joint pain; patients are not advised to take it on their own as it can have side effects when combined with other medications. As far as the healing effects of the substance, studies are constantly being performed to improve efficiency and highlight positive results.