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How Much Water Should I Drink a Day?



Water is essential for human life and without it, we would suffer severe dehydration and eventually die. But how much should we drink a day? What are the other benefits of drinking water?

It is suggested that you should be drinking at least 1.2 liters of water each day but it all depends on your weight, temperature, and how much exercise you do.

Water loss happens when we urinate, sweat, and even when we breathe. Make sure you compensate any water loss by drinking small amounts of water on a frequent basis, especially during intense physical activity. Any water loss needs to be replaced to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid dehydration.

Why is water important?

Water makes up 65% of the weight of a healthy body and without you can suffer dehydration which can leave you feeling tired and can give you headaches or light-headedness.

Water can also improve your metabolism and, when drunk whilst eating, can prevent you from overeating. It can boost productivity as well as the brain is made up of mostly water, fuelling it can make you more alert.

What should I be drinking?

All drinks count towards your fluid intake but water and milk are the best, most pure forms of fluid you can drink to ensure you will not get dehydration.

Fruit juices are also good for a healthy body and not only do they hydrate you; they contain essential vitamins and can count towards your five-a-day.

If possible try to avoid fizzy drinks and alcoholic drinks. Fizzy drinks and some fruit drinks have high levels of sugar that can increase your risk of diabetes as well as rot your teeth.

They are also likely to be high in calories which can cause you to put on weight and increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

There are many different benefits to drinking water and they can range from the physical to the spiritual. Just remember to drink frequently and aim to make up any high levels of water loss such as during hot weather or intense physical activity.