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Knock Out Three Problems With One ENT Surgery



Face it: ear, nose, and throat problems are brutal. They’re based all around the head, which makes most everything your children do next to impossible. They can’t go to school, let alone try to study at home. They often can’t eat, and if they do, who knows how much they’ll be able to get down.

Worst of all, they’re recurring problems. Kick one, and another is likely to pop up – if not in the same exact spot, in one of the other two.

But your child doesn’t have to suffer. He or she doesn’t have to miss school and risk an educational future. Most of all, you don’t have to endure any more sleepless nights on account of not knowing what to do over the issue.

Ear, nose, and throat surgeons can help, and they’d love to – so long as you let them.

Three in One

One of the worst problems about ear, nose, and throat issues is that they’re never isolated. They’re always multi-pronged, and either the same problem rotates between each area or it hits two or three at the same time.

This, of course, is because they’re highly interconnected, with both the sinuses and ears spilling into the throat and with connectivity between the nose and ear, too.

In that same vein, addressing one is addressing nearly all of them.

If your child is having chronic sinus infections, a surgical procedure might be able to help. If they’re grappling with repeated throat issues, a minimally invasive operation might be their best bet. And if they’re getting tripped up with ear problems — you guessed it — a quick surgical prod could be the answer.

There are more reasons why it’s beneficial to address multiple issues in one

For one, if you try to handle the issues separately by different doctors, you run into a number of problems.

First, there becomes a run-around between multiple different doctors. One doctor may have one opinion, the other, another. One opinion might not be better or worse than the other, but they might call for approaches that may clash with one another. Surely, you don’t want your child in the middle of such a struggle.

By handling the problem with a singular doctor, an ear, nose, and throat specialist, you can consolidate all of the communication into one person. He or she will take down your child’s medical history, be there to field any questions, take into account everything that you’re saying, and all the concerns you’re sharing. And he or she will do it only once.

Second, and this is an unfortunate fact of life but still holds true, are financial considerations. All insurance policies differ, but the fact is, many times, insurance companies will put a certain cap on the number of benefits available to a person (or household, and we’ll get to this in a minute) in a given time period, typically a year.

By running around to multiple doctors, shelling out multiple copays, and going through multiple different treatment options, you could easily expend this allotment really quickly. Not only does that make it difficult to treat your child, but what if the unthinkable happens and the rest of your family runs into a situation where they can no longer have benefit coverage provided for them because of one inefficient bout of spending?

Surely this isn’t what you or anyone in your family wants – least of all your sick child.

That’s why you should let an ENT decide whether he can take care of it in one shot.