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What Are Different Ways To Make Your Lips Fuller



A lot has been said and described the eyes, that it is deemed as the windows to the soul, but there’s no better body part that could convey one’s personality and attitude other than the lips. The lips are our medium of communication, the one that gets across what we want to say. It is through it that we also express our love and devotion to others, but oftentimes, we spend less time on them and deprive them of the care and attention that they truly deserve.

Common Lip Problems

Little do we know, but our lips are a part of our skin. However, it is thinner and more sensitive, making it more vulnerable to abrasions, irritations, and exposure troubles. Most often, those people who spend time on hazardous environments and harsh conditions are those likely to develop lip skin problems.

Here are some common lip problems you might encounter:

  • Lip Swelling: This usually happens when an allergic reaction to food occurs
  • Lip Irritation: This involves dryness, chapping, peeling, and redness. Most often it is located on the edges or corners of the mouth.
  • Discoloration: This happens due to sun exposure, chemicals, medications, and aging.
  • Mouth Sores: This also includes blisters and sores. It can be inside of the mouth, like alone the mucosa, or could also be on the ridges of the lips. This takes place when the lips are bitten accidentally, or due to intense body heat or vitamin deficiencies.
  • Damage from the Sun: When the sun becomes too hot, it could cause lips to appear with a rash, firmer, and sometimes cracked.

Lip Care

In order to evade the occurrences of lip problems, like those mentioned above, it is imperative to perform lip care even in the most ordinary scenario. We must take good care of our lips, not just as a part of a beauty routine but more importantly as a part of daily hygiene. We must remember that our lips are one of the first few things that people around us can notice; hence, these are valuable tips on how to perform proper lip care:

  • Rehydrate: Drinking plenty of water can maintain the moisture on your lips and keep them healthy. This prevents drying and cracking.
  • Breaking Unhealthy Habits: Refrain from biting and chewing on your lips as these could cause abrasions. The more pressure you put on your lips, the more it breaks down and sores are likely to occur.
  • Lip Balm: Choose a lip balm or lip gloss that is not alcohol-based and free from acidic content. You might as well use petroleum jelly or the natural lip balm to moisten your lips.
  • Exfoliate: When you exfoliate your face while bathing, make sure you gently include your lips so as to remove dry and dead skin, making it suppler and smoother.

Lip Plumpers

When you have ensured the healthiness of your lips, it is now time to beautify it even more. To make it fuller and alluring, it is highly recommendable to use lip plumpers. Many women do not just want thin lips that lack shine and life, therefore, the answer to this is simply by using the best lip plumper that suits your color and preference.


Lip plumpers are products that enhance the appearance of your lips. They come in clear or a variety of colors. They popularly come in gloss forms and can be worn anytime over your favorite lipstick. Using lip plumper will beautify your lips, enhance its shape, and even allow you to have that desirable pouty look. It even conceals fine lines and is deemed better than getting artificial collagen shots. Using high-quality lip plumper is a more natural and healthier way to doll up your lips.

Extra Tips

Across the market, you may find a wide range of plumpers to choose from, but in order to grab the best one for you, always make sure to choose the right one by reading factual lip plumper reviews on brands and latest updates, as well as the price that comes along with it.