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What Inspires Most People To Get Healthy



Wondering what inspires people to get healthy? If you’re looking to make some changes to your health and fitness program and just feel like you need a little push in the right direction, you too maybe after some inspiration to get you there.

So what motivates people to move and get fit? What causes them to turn down that piece of cheesecake when their desires are speaking otherwise?

Here are some of the top things that inspire people to get healthy.

The Illness Of A Loved One

There’s nothing quite like a loved one experiencing some form of very serious illness due to their inactive and unhealthy behaviors to give you a kick into making a behavior change.

Far too many people get into the thought pattern that it just won’t happen to them – until they see someone just like they suffer. This applies to those who remain leading an unhealthy lifestyle, constantly gorging on snacks and takeaways. At first, you may think nothing of it, but far too often complications occur, suddenly people find it harder to do the activities they once found so simple.

Remember, it could happen to you, don’t wait until someone close to you is impacted, take action today or it could be you triggering another person.

An Emotional Connection To The Goal

In other cases, the inspiration to get healthy comes from a deep emotional connection to the goal. For instance, perhaps you’ve decided to run a marathon for a local charity that you are passionate about.

Or perhaps you are acting as a workout buddy for your friend whose self-esteem is incredibly low due to their bodyweight problem.

Whatever the case, having an emotional trigger can be a very powerful one as often this is the strongest drive force of our actions. Think about a charity that lies close to your heart and what you can do to help, often competing in a race is a great way to not only stay fit and healthy but to do your part in raising money and awareness.

Having A Plan

Finding a plan that you actually enjoy can also inspire you to get healthy.

If you’ve always thought that dieting had to mean cutting out all of the foods you enjoyed, but then came across a plan that seems to fit your own personal food choices perfectly, this could be the driving force for you to make the decision to commit to being healthier at that point in time.

Dieting does not mean that you can’t eat what you enjoy, it is all about proportions, you can eat certain meals, like bread and rice, as long as it’s in proportion, not a large amount,  but a little every so often. The same applies to chocolate, it has been stated that dark chocolate is extremely good for you, so you can indulge in the sweet stuff every so often. Many food companies are providing low calorie and low-fat meals to the market which means that you won’t be restricted in what you eat, as long as you watch your intake.

Having a firm plan of action not only can act as inspiration, but it can also keep you motivated along the way as well.

Those who have a game plan are far more likely to stay on course than those who don’t, so be sure you aren’t overlooking this.

Reaching A Milestone

Finally, one of the last things that may inspire you to get healthy is reaching a certain milestone in your life.

For some people, for example, when they reach the age of 40, it sets in a drive to start bettering their health as they know they are moving into old age and if they don’t their health could decrease and they will start facing implications.

For others, it could be a new engagement that has sparked the desire to start looking better and living healthier.

Whatever the case, many people chose to make changes at the main milestones in their life.

So there you have all the main things that can inspire people to get healthy. Are any of these at play for you?