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Ten Best Tips to Improve Memory



Our memory is an amazing thing. We use it constantly, expecting it to save and retrieve information constantly. From where we left our keys, to a summer day in our childhood – our memory saves, sorts, and retrieves information constantly. We rely on it to save and retrieve this information quickly and accurately.

Unfortunately, there are many factors that can cause our memory to struggle. Stress, loss of sleep, medications, and age can affect how our memory functions. However, there are many ways in which we can help our memory function at its best. Here are ten tips to improve memory.

1. Stay Mentally Active

Think of your memory as a muscle. Keeping your mind active will keep that muscle in good shape. Do activities that stimulate your memory, such as doing crossword puzzles, reading, or drawing.

2. Avoid Multi-tasking

Doing more things at once does not help you accomplish more. Studies have found that while our brains are capable of focusing on multiple things at once, our memory is not.

3. Stay Organized

By organizing your life, your home, and your thoughts, you have a much better chance of remembering things. If everything is in its place, it will be easy to find and remember.

4. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Repetition is a very good way to commit something important to memory. The first time you see or hear something it is a new pattern. By repeating something more than once, it helps to make that path clearer which makes it easier to remember.

5. Use All Your Senses

We have five senses, and using all of them in memory helps to improve it. Connecting more than one sense to a memory, such as sound, smell and sight can improve your ability to remember it.

6. Make The Connection

Connecting new ideas or thoughts to memories or information we already have in our memory can make it easier to retrieve the information. If you need to remember a person’s name – connect it to a person, place, or thing you are already familiar with.

7. Get Moving

It has been proven that people who are more physically active have better a better memory. The more you move, the more your brain can remember.

8. Break It Down

The method called chunking is an excellent way for your memory to process information. Break each piece of information into a manageable chunk, like breaking a phone number into three sets instead of one ten-digit number.

9. Mnemonic Devices

Turning information into a rhyme or song not only works for learning your alphabet as a child. Our minds remember things better when it rhymes or is sung.

10. Practice

When learning anything new, it takes practice to get it right. Rehearsing a speech, or doing mock interviews are an excellent way to get it perfect.

We all forget things from time to time, but by using these ten tips to improve memory, you can help your memory work at its best.