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How To Play On Your Best Assets



I think we all come to realize at some point that we have to make the most of what we’ve got. Whether you dislike your larger-than-average nose, your flat bum, or your blotchy skin when in perspective it’s really not all that bad.

It’s silly to compare ourselves to celebrities who look gorgeous all the time. Not only do they benefit from personal trainers, but they also have a professional Photoshopper on hand to edit all images before they’re published in a magazine or newspaper. But if you had a heart to heart with any beautiful celebrity, there will always be bits of them they wish they could change.

Maybe we need to actually change our brains and the way we think about women’s bodies. Perhaps what we actually need to do is change our focus, and instead look at the parts of our bodies we love, and highlight those. It’ll make you feel and look better every single day. Here are some of our top tips for accentuating your best assets:

  • Find your signature style and stick to it. If high waisted jeans look terrible on you, admit it to yourself and steer clear. There will be another shape, color, style, or pattern that looks fabulous on you: experiment and find what it is then make the most of it.
  • As per outfit types, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to your favorite shops. Once you know that a shop stocks items that you love and fit well, go there again. If you’re lucky, that shop may also have personal assistants that can do the hard work for you.
  • Have a beauty treatment. Treat yourself to something really special at a hair and beauty salon – a makeover, a massage, or a new hairdo. If you fancy being brave with a new hair cut, ask the hairstylist what will suit your face shape, hair type, and coloring then go for it.
  • If you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, it’ll be obvious. Only wear pieces that you feel amazing in; if you wear something you’re not happy with or feel half-hearted about, it’ll be reflected in your face, posture, and mood. You should feel completely happy about what you choose to wear, fashionable or not.
  • Understand your body shape. If you have a naturally narrow waistline, draw attention to it with wide belts. You’re lucky to have an hourglass figure! If you’ve got long legs, show them off with heels!
  • Ask your closest friends what your best assets are. They can probably point out some of your best features from another perspective that you wouldn’t even spot. Friends can often give constructive criticism and advice to steer you in the right direction.
  • Thin hair? Pump some life into it with a volumising shampoo and a blow-dry. Overbearing thick hair? It can be controlled with a layered cut to define a shape.
  • If you have a problem skin, speak to a skin specialist on make-up or skin counter in a pharmacist or department store. They’ll be able to advise you on the best products to brighten up your skin and make it look more healthy.