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The Inexorable Rise Of The Celebrity Trainer



Why do celebrities look so good? Now there’s a billion-dollar question! They have the money to spend on designer clothes, limitless access to the best makeup and skincare products on the market; they have a new hairstyle every week, they can afford to have their cook who creates delicious dishes that are virtually calorie-free, oh and they have their trainer.

It has to be said that the latter point is perhaps the most pervasive within a celebrity’s desire to look great; after all, if our TV personalities and magazine pinups don’t look fantastic, their quest to ‘make it’ can be significantly enfeebled.

From Madonna to Danny Minogue, David Beckham to Tom Cruise, the reasons why the world’s wealthiest and most well-known turn to a personal trainer to maintain their shape is that such individuals offer one of the fastest, easiest, and most successful ways to keep them in the media spotlight, even when age is ‘apparently’ supposed to take its toll.

The birth of the celebrity trainer

Given the proliferating contemporary demand for celebrities to exploit the talents of a personal trainer, the concept of the ‘celebrity trainer’ has joined mainstream vocabulary with personal trainers now even being trained to be celebrity trainers.

The prolific demand for this new trend in training and keeping fit can be seen through Dr. John Spencer Ellis, who is not a doctor in the conventional sense but does have a degree in health, a Ph.D. in education, and a black belt in kung fu. Dr. Ellis also qualifies ‘sports hypnosis,’ ‘golf conditioning’ and ‘flexibility.’  Although it has to be said that the fitness mogul’s latest venture may be his most significant achievement to date – his Fitness Fortunes Live seminar, which was launched in Dallas in 2011. For $297 a ticket or $447 for a VIP ticket, Dr. Ellis will teach his students how to move from the realms of a personal trainer into a celebrity trainer and by doing so, as the trainer states on his website, “get rich as a highly respected fitness pro.”

In the ensuing years, celebrity trainers have become increasingly more common, as Bloomberg Business Week Magazine writes, “The current generation of aspiring celebrity trainers’ faces more competition.”

Natural advantages

The rise of the celebrity personal trainer has naturally be born through a demand made by the rich and elite for trainers. They can help sculpture their bodies and improve their fitness levels more effectively than going to a gym or training alone would.

The advantages of hiring a personal trainer to take care of one’s fitness and weight loss goals, of course, also apply to the thousands of ‘non-celebrities’ who also use a personal trainer. According to a survey by IDEA Health and Fitness Association, a leading resource for fitness and wellness professionals, the primary reason why people hire personal trainers is to get professional assistance to improve cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance, and coordination.