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Can Migraines Be Cured with Homeopathy?



Migraines still remain somewhat of a mystery to doctors and mainstream medicine.  Mainstream medicine does not have a cure for migraines but there are many testimonials available that say that migraines can be cured using alternative medicines like homeopathy.

What we do know about migraines is that they are a chronic neurological disorder that causes moderate to extremely severe headaches.  These headaches are accompanied by a variety of other symptoms including nausea and vomiting, neck pain, eye pain, abdominal pain, sweating, and many more depending on the severity of the attack and the individual.  Migraines are thought to be caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors and affect 1 in 4 women and 1 in 12 men in the UK alone.

The frequency and severity of migraine attacks can vary from person to person.  Different people also find that there are different triggers that will set off their migraines.  In the same way that symptoms and triggers and causes vary so do the remedies and cures.  Remedies that ease symptoms for one migraine sufferer may not do the same for another.

The many different causes and triggers of migraines mean that there is no one universal cure for migraines.  There are however many people who claim that they have found a solution that has cured them permanently of migraines in the form of homeopathic treatment.

How does it work?

Homeopathic treatment for migraines works by first finding out what it is that is actually causing your migraines.  The cause is usually found to be one or more pathogens, either a viral, bacterial, parasitic, or fungal infection.  In most cases, the pathogen is a viral infection.  Once the cause has been identified it can then be treated.  Homeopathy works with the same principles as immunology.  The pathogens that are causing your migraines are treated and subsequently eliminated using derivatives of the very same pathogens. The process is pain-free, needle-free, and drug-free.

Recovery does not happen immediately, the time it takes to get better and the level of recovery seen will be dependent on what the pathogens are, the patient’s health and strength of the immune system and how long they’ve had the condition, to name just a few of the factors.  In most cases, you will be able to see signs of recovery within a couple of months and the average amount of time it takes before you reach a full level of recovery is 4 – 6 months.   The pathogens are the root of your migraines, so once they have been removed you should be cured of your migraine symptoms.

No one can say that homeopathic treatment is the definitive cure for migraines as everyone reacts differently to different treatments and remedies.  But many people have found relieve using homeopathic cures for migraines and you can find lots of migraine cure testimonials that thank homeopathic migraine clinics for their recovery from the debilitating and chronic neurological disorder.