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Are Signet Rings Still In Fashion?



As a symbol of aristocracy and wealth, the signet ring, which is worn on the pinky finger, has a long tradition of being worn by those with a certain class and style. This image was tarnished somewhat when this particular type of ring became fashionable with all and sundry somewhere around the 1980s.

As with all fashion trends, this sudden rise in popularity very quickly made a signet ring a not at all cool choice of jewelry. This swift fall from grace could well have seen the signet ring condemned to the rubbish heaps of fashion for the rest of time, but things have turned full circle and the signet ring seems to be making another comeback. Here are some of the reasons why.

Prince Charles

The heir to the British throne may not seem like the most obvious style guru, but many appropriate the resurrection of the signet ring to the son of the Queen. His views on politics and architecture may rub people up the wrong way but those in the fashion know have decided that he is in many ways a true icon and therefore sets trends. Prince Charles was almost certainly just keeping the aristocratic tradition of the signet ring alive, without wanting to set any kind of new fashion, but that is an only mere detail. HRH is a big player in the new cool of the signet ring.

Wedding Rings

Another of the big reasons why signet rings are enjoying a resurgence is due to the fact that many modern couples have adopted his and her signet ring as the one they exchange on their wedding day. Perhaps due to the tradition of the signet ring is emblazoned with initials or coats of arms, many couples now put their joint initials, or that of the other, on the ring that they exchange when they come to say, I do.

Gangster Chic

To the certain horror of the aristocracy, another of the main reasons why signet rings are still in fashion is because they are often sported with big men of dubious morals. Young men love a good gangster and so they are ready to pay high prices to imitate their heroes in some way. From Italy to Russia, no mob boss would be complete without a signet ring and this common image has led to a million copy cats looking to mimic this style in order to obtain some vicarious thrill and all of its associated cool.

Because they look Good

Perhaps the single biggest reason why signet rings are still in fashion is not for any of the reasons above, but simply because a god quality one just looks good when worn on the right occasion. Many people often have a selection of signet rings which they wear depending on their mood or social function. The fact the signet ring is usually small and understated, yet still sufficiently showy to wow, means that this is one fashion that will never truly go away.