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It Takes Heart to Make it Your New Start



It takes heart to make it your new start

The truck came hurtling towards you, way over the speed limit, the driver drunk at the wheel.  He was led away sobbing and spent six tortuous weeks in a prison cell before continuing his life.  Your legs were left useless.  Life’s not fair.  There are many horrendous car crashes every year in the UK, and while it is incredibly damaging to those involved – both physically and mentally – it does not need to be the end of your world.  Many people have come back stronger from accidents, and you can follow in their footsteps and build a whole new life that will give you more back than you could have hoped for.

No Legs, No Job

One thing that may well leave you is your job.  If your work decides that there is no possible way they can employ a disabled person in your old job, then you’ll be left looking for a new challenge and a challenge it will be in the current climate.  With the number of people out of work in the UK set to top 3 million, finding employment from your new wheelchair may seem daunting, but there is another way.

Work for yourself.  With fewer jobs available, many have chosen to employ themselves – no longer do they have to put up with a worthless boss and unreasonable working hours – and you have the perfect excuse to do just that and join the swelling numbers of those making their fortune after giving the corporate world the old heave-ho.

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Paralympic Dreams

One person to take inspiration from is former Formula 1 driver Alex Zanardi.  In 2001, Zanardi lost both his legs in a high-speed crash.  He almost died through blood loss, yet survived and even returned to competitive racing with prosthetic limbs designed by himself.  After this, however, he has now been selected in the Italian Paralympics team and will compete in the 2012 Olympics in the handcycle.

He is just one of many people who have battled back from hardship to make something brilliant of their life, and if disaster does occur, you can join them in coming back stronger than ever.  The internet has opened a world of opportunities for everyone, so why not take advantage of it?

Find What Makes You Special

You can do something no-one else can do.  Everyone is unique, so you need to find that something that sets you apart.  If you can write passionately on a topic that people want to hear about, then you can sign up to many online sites and make your name as a writer.  If you have a voice that people want to hear, then speak to them – offer yourself out as a voiceover artist and find that niche that you can corner your audience in.  Not many people are given the perfect excuse to exit the corporate world, but you have that chance.

Is it All Covered?

One thing that would help the settling in period, however, is insurance.  If you had life insurance before the accident and were then made redundant from your job, having life insurance and critical illness cover could provide you with the funds to get yourself going before the funds’ belt starts to squeeze tight.  Medical bills and new equipment can rack up the bill substantially, so having that peace of mind is excellent – you can get down to starting again, knowing that you and your family are secure for the time being.