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Surrogacy – A Boon For Childless Couples



There are several childless couples who have discovered their joy through surrogacy. It is nothing to shy away from if you want a child of your own but don’t want to consider adoption.  In fact, many are opting for it and the sector has seen a rapid rise in the last few years. Many are also becoming more aware of the process either through word of mouth or from the media—print, digital, or electronic.

How does it work?

In surrogacy, a woman can rent her womb to carry someone else’s baby. It is a win-win situation for both the parties as the surrogate mother gets a hefty sum for carrying the couple’s baby and the couple in turn can have their bundle of joy through the surrogate mother.

You can check out for a viable option on the Internet or you can contact some agencies or talk to your doctor who can suggest some options. A little research will always help. There are several countries where surrogacy is very expensive like in the US.

So, couples turn to countries that provide affordable surrogacy like India, Mexico, Thailand, and Panama. India is very cost-effective compared to the other countries with as low as $25,000. Moreover, the services of skilled doctors are another reason to attract couples looking for surrogacy. However, the recently imposed rules forbidding gay surrogacy, single parent surrogacy, and making it compulsory for couples to have been married for at least two years before starting the process and carrying a letter from the consulate are the reasons why couples are going to other places like Mexico.

Besides the lack of law governing surrogacy in the country, it is not an expensive affair. That is why Mexico is the most preferred place to go to for surrogacy, today.

Finding the right option

Planet Hospital in the US has been assisting people in their quest to have children. This agency had initiated surrogacy in India, Panama as well as in Mexico. Panama is the most expensive option among these countries.

Their stress-free program is easy for couples. You just need to contact them and a case manager will be assigned, who will thereafter handle the procedure for you. You just need to make the payments on time and go in for the tests as and when required. And in no time the process will start and before you even realize it, you will be bringing home the light of your life.