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Chlorophyll Side Effects



Maybe you have seen the research that proves the benefits of chlorophyll and how it can help improve your overall health. It can balance your bloodstream flow, immune system and even your smile. But, there are side effects to this new ingredient.

You may not realize that chlorophyll is a substance that is developed from plant photosynthesis; it is used to help plants grow healthy. Recent research has shown and proved that pulling the ingredients out of plants and putting it in toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum and even breath mints is a very common practice.

Chlorophyll is naturally great for your body because it can help you feel balanced. It is added in many medications such as formulas for bad breath, constipation medication and to help heal wounds. It is a plant base so it absorbs into the skin when it’s ingested.

Chlorophyll can help strengthen your bones and improve bad breath, but it can have some side effects. Some side effects include chest pain, skin disorders and even some breathing problems.

Chest pain will happen for many reasons but it can be a side effect of consuming too much chlorophyll. This can signal an allergic reaction and it will cause emergency medical attention. Chlorophyll may cause breathing problems because it is absorbed in the skin and chest pain can result from the blood vessels contracting.

Skin disorders may happen too. If you consume a lot of chlorophyll, you may get hives, a rash or even swollen skin. Many people have allergic reactions; it’s best to avoid chlorophyll if you find yourself having a reaction to it.

Some people experience-breathing problems from ingesting too much of the chlorophyll. This will cause inflammation of the esophagus and the throat. Visit your health professional. Both your dentist and doctor can help you with any issue you experience.