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When Your Child Is Sick-Helping Them Feel Better



One of the saddest things any parent will ever experience is a sick child. Whether your child has a simple cold or is battling something more severe, every parent wishes they could take the sickness away from their child and fight it off themselves. But since doing so is impossible, you must resort to simply helping your child battle the illness as much as possible.

The following are four great ways to help your child feel better when they’re sick.

1. Make them comfortable.

Most children don’t like the strange feelings of their bodies while they’re sick, and this can cause them to become upset. An upset child will only make an illness worse, so it’s very important that you make them as comfortable as you can. Make sure that their bed is comfortable or put pillows and blankets on the couch if that’s where they choose to be. You should also provide them with their favorite toys, especially those that they sleep with, in order to make them feel safe. And if possible, make sure that you are always near your child so that they know that they’re not alone.

2. Treat them accordingly.

Depending on your child’s illness, there are things you can do to help them manage their cold. If your child has a fever, putting them in a lukewarm bath or giving them ibuprofen can help to reduce the fever. If your child is congested, using a humidifier or putting them in the bathroom with a steamy shower can help to relieve some of the congestion. If your child is vomiting or suffering from diarrhea, staying in the bathroom with them and talking calmly to them can help to ease their fears, and giving them bland food and small sips of water can help to calm their stomach.

3. Give them food and drink.

Your child may not have an appetite, but keeping your child hydrated and eating will help them battle the cold more quickly. Small children can become dehydrated more quickly than adults, so it’s important that your child drinks plenty of fluids, such as water, Gatorade, 100% fruit juice, or 100% vegetable juice. You can also resort to giving your child broth soup so that they’re getting food and staying hydrated, or you can use popsicles to alleviate sore throat pain and keep them hydrated as well.

While proteins and foods high in antioxidants and vitamins are best for curbing an illness, any type of food can help boost your child’s energy levels to make them feel better.

4. Call the doctor.

Your child’s doctor is there to help diagnose your child and provide you with medication to help them feel better. If your child is sick, taking them to the doctor can help you learn exactly what they’re suffering from and learn the proper way or receive the right medication in order to treat it. Plus, small colds in children can be a warning sign for future illnesses, so it’s best to have them checked out before their illness becomes worse.