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Yoga – The Epitome Of Natural Remedies!



The miraculous tales of the influences of yoga worldwide for the purpose of eternal tranquility and wellbeing is not something new – in fact, most of us would be familiar with similar stories ever since childhood. Possessing a keen interest in naturopathy from my very early days, my journey towards yoga began not long ago ironically, however.

Ayurveda and Unani alternative medicinal therapies were regularly practiced, especially after I started to develop skin problems such as acne and rosacea. Application of herbal masks and consumption of concoctions did help, but after approaching my twenties it was stubborn cystic acne that I had unfortunately befallen with. It was then that I finally considered yoga, after all those ineffective prescribed drugs from consultation sessions at the dermatologists, and ever since then, I haven’t looked back!

As regular morning yoga sessions remarkably relieved my breakouts, I pondered over whether it would additionally aid in another chronic childhood ailment that I had constantly been suffering with – visual migraines, also known as ocular migraines. This was a variant of migraine attacks that were rare, yet extremely unpleasant.

Unlike solely dealing with excruciating headaches, visual migraines comprised of an additional symptom called an ‘aura’, which was a form of momentarily distorted vision, consisting of either silver flashes or zigzagging lines along the field of sight. Sadly, after the onset of an aura, there’s no particular cure for it to immediately subside, and the first precautionary measure that you can do to reduce its severity is to simply shut your eyes, and relax.

This inevitably must be carried out, as after the strike of an aura it’s impossible to see clearly and concentrate on any particular task, regardless of where you are (almost all migraines, visual or not are utterly unpredictable). Additionally covering your eyes completely and hindering any extra light can further help to soothe impaired vision.

Auras usually tend to last for approximately fifteen to forty-five minutes, plus or minus, and after it completely disappears throbbing pain on a particular area of the head gradually begins to develop; gentle head massages can greatly help reduce the pain, in the meantime.

However, if you are prone to frequent migraine attacks, then prevention is so much better than cure! I, for one, have immensely benefited from performing several eye asanas for strengthening eye muscles and purifying the optic nerves, simultaneously also greatly relaxing the eyes. There are several exclusive eye exercises that one can perform, and you can choose one which suits you best.

The asana I perform is a simple routine of focusing on both directions, left and right. It’s so simple and versatile – just do it wherever you are, whenever you are free – on the bus, train, or during a break at school or office. The other asana which I do exclusively for my eyes (and this one’s also my favorite, as this not only relaxes my peepers but also my entire body!), is the usual ‘Shavasana’ or corpse pose that has an additional eye asana incorporated into it. Simply lie in this pose for about five minutes, with a fabric draped over your face to cover any light from entering your eyes.

So, here you go! Your eyes shall thank you for performing these easy yoga poses!