What’s all the Buzz about Testosterone?

Let’s define testosterone before proceeding so we’re all on the same page. It’s a blunt but effective introduction, so bear with me for a minute. Men are defined by this key hormone. It helps in the development of male reproductive tissue and is responsible for the promotion of secondary sexual characteristics like muscle mass (let’s face it, men, we like defining ourselves by this factor too) and the presence of bodily hair. In men this vital hormone also prevents the degenerative bone disease we’re going to hear a lot about: osteoporosis.

In infancy and pubertal stages, for most men, testosterone is not a problem. Well, some of us may not like the fact that it causes acne, makes you smell funny and wakes you up at night, but we take it in our stride. It’s when we reach the stage of adulthood that the lack of testosterone can hamper our daily lives. In fact, keeping testosterone at normal levels older men has shown to improve many parameters that can help reduce risk to your heart, like increasing lean body mass, decreasing visceral fat mass, decreasing cholesterol in the blood and helping to control glycemic levels.

A testosterone supplement called Ageless Male has clinically shown to improve free testosterone levels in men. In a recent study, the key ingredients of Ageless Male were used to supplement the diet of men who exercised on a regular basis.

These supplements caused a significant increase in the amount of free testosterone available for immediate use by the body. The study showed that it made improvements in muscle support during workouts, and pyridoxine (also found in Ageless Male) released in the body supported its ability to make energy.

Besides also increasing arousal and libido, testosterone may play a part in cognitive functions as well. Some studies suggest that attention, memory and spatial ability that are affected by levels of testosterone in the body. Low testosterone may also account for the possible onset of Alzheimer’s, and is often cited as the reason for the use of testosterone in anti-aging therapies.

If you are at a time in your life where you think you need a testosterone booster, speak to your doctor and consider a reliable supplement like the ones the Ageless Male brand has to offer.

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Allan works in a pharmacy. He knows a lot about drugs and nutraceuticals and how they work in the body. In his spare time, Allan loves to write articles on health and nutrition. His friends like to call him the “guru” of health enthusiasts and often turn to him for practical health tips! Allan writes on topics that range from stress, lifestyle and habits that affect health to testosterone boosters that work!

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