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More Consumers And Physicians Wanting Mobile Healthcare Opportunities



What do you think about a mobile app that reminds you to take your medications and refill prescriptions? Would you use it? How about an app that monitors a patient’s vital conditions? Or what about an app that physicians can use to speak and send messages to patients that will reduce the number of office visits and costs?

Anything that reduces a 3-to-4 hour doctor visit to a few minutes while still offering the same quality healthcare is appealing to both patients and physicians. Mobile marketing agencies are quick to offer what healthcare apps are currently available — close to 6,000 apps to download from app stores. People can track their diets, compare their exercise regimen with their social media friends, get ratings about the doctor and hospital services, access medical records, and read up on the latest health industry news.

Healthcare And Mobile Marketing

More consumers are open to receiving their healthcare through their mobile devices. The problem currently being tackled is ferreting out good medical advice from the bad. It’s similar to a person sitting down at their laptop and typing in a general query about a medical condition. They may become redirected to a questionable site that not only offers misleading advice but dangerous information that can put a person’s health at risk.

Hopefully, with help from FDA regulations, these questionable apps will be placed by the wayside to allow valuable applications to the forefront for eager consumers and physicians. Once this occurs, it will be up to the right marketing tactics to bring the correct information to waiting consumers.

So how can mobile marketing agencies fit healthcare in their strategies?

Experts knowledgeable with the healthcare industry and with software applications need to come to the forefront to bring more consumer awareness about these apps. With the right team of professionals devoting their time and resources, consumers can make the best healthcare choices through such a mobile platform without tripping into the pitfalls of bad medical advice and false health claims.

Healthcare combined with mobile marketing is still in its infancy stages. There are still many obstacles to contend with, many concerning privacy and security issues when it comes to transmitting personal health records through mobile device operating systems. Also in contention is how insurers will view reimbursement for doctor’s services given to patients outside of a clinic setting.

Mobile marketing and healthcare can work together if the possibilities are actively explored and pursued. As long as consumers continue to receive quality healthcare, and doctors can cut down on administration costs by using apps for administration purposes, it seems like a viable option that can only grow in positive leaps and bounds.