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Am I Suffering From Addiction To Alcohol?



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If you regularly drink to excess or binge drink frequently then you may have a problem with alcohol. Alcoholism is one of the major causes of death and disease in the UK.

Those with an addiction to alcohol must live in denial for a long time and refused to admit to themselves that their alcohol intake is a problem. They may be far down the path of alcoholism before they find the courage to seek help. They may have rejected loved ones and friends’ attempts to help them in the past. Until someone, admits they have a problem suffering from addiction to alcohol it is very difficult to help them.

Drinking can be very dangerous and can be the source of many health complications. Although some of the damage can be reversed, the sooner a problem drinker stopped drinking the better. Heavy drinking is synonymous with generative liver diseases, heart problems, lungs, and respiratory issues, and has a massive impact on mental health. Alcoholism also goes hand-in-hand with depression and where both conditions are present they may need special attention to deal with them effectively.

Someone with an addiction to alcohol will find it difficult to control their intake and will always have an excuse for “just another drink.” They may hide their alcohol intake and lie about how much they are drinking to friends and family. They may be hostile to any mention by others of their drinking and they distance themselves from friends who criticize their drinking habits. Addiction to alcohol can cause huge problems amongst families, not just affecting the drinker but everyone around them too. Children are also to be affected and the consequences may spread far into their adult lives.

If you regularly forget what has happened when you’ve been drinking then you are drinking too much. Binge drinking is one of the most dangerous types of drinking and can prove fatal. Excessive drinking causes may make errors of judgment and do things that they would never do if sober. Drink driving, Violence, and domestic abuse are statistically more likely to happen when drunk.

Drunken behaviors change a person’s personality and may lead to lifelong negative repercussions.  If you think you may be suffering from an addiction to alcohol then seek help immediately before life spirals out of control.

If you have tried and failed to cut back to drinking or feel unable to stop then professional help might be the best option. If you think you have a problem with alcohol and you probably do. There is not a defined amount or frequency of drinking that defines exactly what an alcoholic is, but any habit that causes detrimental effects in everyday life and you are unable to stop qualifies as a problem.

If your drinking is worrying you, your friends, or family, then you should look at trying to cut down. This may be easier said than done and expert help may be required.