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Avoiding Fatigue on Long Car Journeys



Millions of people all over the world use their cars every day of the year nowadays, and for most of us life would be almost impossible without our vehicles. We spend a small fortune on maintenance, road tax, fuel and cleaning, but the vast majority of regular car users would say the expense is still worth it.

In some cases, motorists will often elect to drive to far-off destinations rather than taking the train or bus, and while this might involve a particularly tiring journey they prefer the convenience of leaving when they choose and setting the seating position, temperature and music options to the way they want them.

But the prospect of long car journeys means there will almost inevitably be a time when the driver will be feeling exceptionally tired, and when that happens it can be dangerous to remain on the road. Thankfully, there are some things that can be done to alleviate the situation, and in the process make the road trip safer and far more enjoyable.

Rest when your body tells you to

The most obvious first step when fatigue sets in is to stop and take a break. Nothing works better than a little rest, so as soon as you start to feel even a little tired you should find somewhere to pull in and perhaps refuel the body. A bite to eat and a revitalising drink will soon have you feeling better again.

The oxygen that you breathe inside the car itself will often be somewhat stifling and stale, so it’s a good idea to open the windows every once in a while to let the fresher air in. If you are driving with the air conditioning switched on, you need to bear in mind this makes the air rather dry and can contribute to your levels of tiredness.

A few familiar tunes will often give you a little energy boost just when you need it most. Many experienced motorists will have their own favourite playlists already set up on their stereo units in the car, purely to help them get through long journeys without feeling too exhausted, but even a radio station that plays the tunes you like will be a good option.

Taking steps to avoid tiredness on long car journeys is so much more than a method to make the trip more comfortable, of course. Fatigued drivers, even those with the most experience and the best attitude, are dangerous individuals, and they can be a threat to themselves and other road users. You owe it to everyone to ensure you only get behind the wheel when you are fit and able to do so, so don’t ever be tempted to take any chances.