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Rhinoplasty – The Best Solution for Those Who Are Unhappy With the Shapes of Their Nose



The nose is a fundamental component of every face. A beautiful and sharp nose adds beauty whereas an abnormal nose adds ugliness to the face. The proportion and symmetry of the nose are responsible for giving shape to the face.

It becomes one of the attraction points when you are talking to someone. According to various studies, it is the nose that attracts the focus of any person towards you.

Rhinoplasty refers to a scientific technique wherein the shape of the nose is altered in accordance with his/her will. It is a tool for those who want a change in the shape of their nose.

Facts about Rhinoplasty

The following facts elaborate the whole Rhinoplasty procedure:

  • Functions: This procedure can be performed for reconstruction, aesthetic, and functional purposes. Reconstructive Rhinoplasty is performed in situations where the shape of the nose is disfigured due to an accident, disorder, abnormality, or cosmetic surgery.
  • The process: During the surgery, an incision is made in the base of the nose. The incision could be of either V-shape or stair shape to give a streamlined look to the nose.
  • Post-surgery process: Patients after being discharged should stay at home for at least 2-3 days. The external sutures are removed after 4-5 days of surgery. The external cast takes place after two weeks.
  • Associated Issues: Pain is always accompanied by surgery and can be controlled by medications and steroids. Nose bleeding after surgery is uncommon and should be reported to the surgeon as soon as it occurs.
  • Shortcomings: Although Rhinoplasty is always a successful procedure, but still it can sometimes create certain complications. It leads to difficulty in breathing, random nose bleeding, and whistling while breathing. The surgeon should be consulted if any of these occurs.
  • Difficult Process: Rhinoplasty is a difficult procedure to perform. It requires enhanced skills of the operating surgeon. The surgeon should have an artistic hand to give a balanced and proportionate shape to the nose.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

 It is the technique of reshaping the nose using an injectable substance. It is performed without anesthesia and is done in the case where people have a short or small nose.

Another non-surgical option is “nose inserts” which are positioned inside the nostril in between the tip and end of the nose. It can reshape the structure of the nose until it is worn and the nose acquires its real shape, as and when it is removed.

Revision Rhinoplasty

This process is used in a situation where the first Rhinoplasty procedure fails and does not provide desirable results. The end result of a bad surgery is very harsh and it has an everlasting effect on the person’s well being. In such a case, the only choice and hope left with the patient are revision Rhinoplasty.

Saddle nose, pig-like look, Polly break, and pinched look are the names given to various deformities resulting from a bad surgery. In these cases, the patient looks worse after the surgery.

During revision rhinoplasty, the surgeon starts with the first job to make the earlier job right. It works well only if a few cells are removed from the patient’s nose during the first surgery. If a considerable number of cells were removed during the first surgery, then the surgeon has to refer to graft surgery.

The availability of a number of plastic surgeons is a threat to some extent because their inefficiency can change someone’s life into hell. So before planning to get a knife run on your nose to attain a better look, search the best surgeon who is qualified and is authorized to perform surgeries on your nose.